Race #07, Turkey: Post-Race Discussion

1st actual race of season. no idea why was so slow.. got a tap in the rear coming off the line damaged my rear a bit pitted and was fixed. wrist really started to hurt about half way through race. managed to get out of the way every time i was lapped. managed to finish 17th just through putting up with pain..
Im happy with the race, as i finaly finished a race. Action filled race it was for me, lots of fights and overtakes and got overtaken as well. I think i was to conservative in the opening laps, and also strugling with the car in the opening laps so lost some ground. After that fought back my way up with some close fights, i hope it was all fair, i think Ben and I touched slightly and also with Martin it got a bit agresive at times but kept it going. Also made some small mistakes wich costed me valuable time, especialy after the pitstop a 6th place was best i could get but was pretty though to close in on the people in front of me. In the end i managed to pass Martin for 7th place, 2 laps before the end i made a mistake as well costed me some time otherwise i might have been able to catch 6th place as well.

In the end it was a good race for me, lots of action and a decent results. Big thanks to the team for there efforts.:D
it was a very nice race for me getting p2 wich was a surprise but then got way too excited and made 2 bad mistakes thinkin i was on qualy set loll...
Anyways i didnt understand what happened to ben...what happened Ben??i was behind you and all of the sudden i touched u....maybe lag or u brake??weird...anyways im sorry but i did not expect u to reduce speed there....then i was on slipstream and had not much to do so...again im sorry m8!!!
great race anyways!!good job guys
Not really the weekend i was hoping for after seeing that our pace is pretty strong... qualifying 7tenths off pb okay 15th was probably best grid position ever but still
Race in start i got hit by TMo car that was hit from behind by his team mate so nothing he could do to evade spinning me after that made some easy overtakings and just tried to do solid laps and not screw up so wasnt pushing then was thinking to do early pit stop on lap 13 it went perfectly gained alot to everyone then Alberto caught up with me had good battle until turn 8 i was alongside of him but he probably didnt even see me and hit me out and i was lucky not to hit any walls but spun it after that drove few laps and saw that there was no way i would catch anyone infront unless i pitted once more and actually did fastest lap of the race lol but someone stole it from me and my engine blew so didnt really matter but okay better luck next time
Good race guys, congrats to the podium :D.

Well, my race was a disaster since the start, breaking my front wing and needed to stop in the first lap, absolutely disaster. Then I broke the car in the last corner and I decided to retire myself.

Maybe more luck in the next race?

My Q was not good enough. It was 3 tenth off my PB so it put me into 20th possition.
The start was quite exciting and I managed to make up 3 pos in the first 3-4 laps. Then I was behind my brother and during he was fighting against someone else I got to his side into turn 1 I guess and he let me through to not risk any damage on our cars.
then very weird I lost 3 pos again just so. Don´t know what happened but they all passed me in a row.
later then Ralf Gauss made a move into T1 against the car in front of him causing Gauss to spinn off the track. When I headed into T1 he just went back straight into the racing line and I had no chance to avoid him. Luckylie I slowed down as much as possible and so I hardly kept my frontwing. But from that my race was quite much spoiled, since in the pits I had to fix it cause the car was feeling a bit weird and the front wing would have definitly fell off with every slightest touch. So that costs me at least 9 sec in pitstop and then I had lost a couple possitions. So unfortunately I then only could make it to P14 because of some retirements in front of me.
All in all it was a successful weekend for me as I was lacking practicing a lot due to a lot of work the past time.

I wasnt happy with my quallyfying – I was 4/10 off of my PB, but still P5 in the end.

The start was pretty good, as no one tried any “moves” into the first corner and I maintained my position. Then there was an opportunity to pass Melim on the outside of Turn 4 and I made it, but he touched my rear right wheel and I had some suspension damage from that (but bad things happen). Then I were fighting with him for the next 3 corners and I backed down in turn 8. In turn 9 then I had massive understeering on my car, which probably came from that suspension damage and was driving over the curb and lost some speed. Then everybody passed me. In the last corner Emre Uysal crashed into my side, with an very optimistic move and my side pod were also damaged, from that on my engine were heating up massively and I had to go down into boost 1 for the rest of the race… really sad… I watched the Broadcast after the race and Dennis Hirrle said, I didn’t practice a lot in race fuel probably. True I didnt
practice to stick with boost 1 :p
After my first stop, which was 9 seconds I was behind Ralf Gauss and I was overtaking him in turn 4, the same move I did in first lap on Melim, but Ralf decided to not prepare for the corner really, just stay in the middle of it and I didn’t expect him and didn’t see him there and that’s why it looked really bad on the broadcast, as we collided and he has gone of track. But if you look out of my cockpit view, you see that he was in a kind of dead angle, so I wasn’t able to see him there and of course didn’t expect such a move from him on bad tyres.
For the rest of the race I was fighting with 2 guys and in the last lap, I wanted to overtake to get P9 I guess and then my engine was smoking as we were going into turn 2 and I needed to slow down and didn’t manage to go for the finish line. It can just become better in the next race. So far cu in Canada.
Q wasnt a very good lap for me tbh shoulda got p2,but thats qually with traffic for ya!!

Race..was going well in the early stages,i got some terminal damage from a big shunt into the barriers at 140mph fabricio this was not your fault, i was busy pressing buttons and wasnt looking where i was going!!!! Nothing you could do m8'
but after a long time in pits i rejoined behind gosbee, i had wonkey steering from damage suspention and my car was yellow on the hud everywhere!!! In the end some good fights with mark, but if we wanted to catch and pass gosbee we had to stop fighting, so when mark got past i just hung onto him and try to pass them both;) of course due to earlier sustained rear damage my engine let go!
On the plus side, it was my strongest q performance this year and woulda been my best race finish with a posible p4!!

I shall take the positive with me and my new team to montreal where we are certain to be back at the front again!
Quali - Not good set a 1:26:0 when just 5 minutes before the race I had set a 1:25:5 which would of put me 2nd xD
Race - Went ok I guess, Start was ok gained a few places but got pushed wide and was in 11th I started making up places as far as 8th when Emre (who was faster) Must of missed his braking point and put me in a long slide which I held luckily. After that I kept going until lap 23 which was my pit stop and I came out in 7th which was suprising and I was gaining on Ivan. We had a good battle a few aggresive touches but fun. Came around the last 2 laps I had 1% on my engine left and had to put boost on 1 but then Mark Aalberts past me who I got past again but then on the last lap Mark just flew past me and I couldnt do a thing.. Great race and onto Canada where I got 2nd last year
Sorry i hit you wasnt my intention as we were going up the backstraight i wanted to wait for that and try to overtake you there. That was the plan but got wrong even before the backstraight.
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