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Race 07 minidump crash


Nov 25, 2012
Hi folks,

Recently I installed a few mods and deleted some. Since then the game always does a minidump when I try to start it.

Mods I've installed:

DTM Classics
Eurocup Mégane Trophy 2010
Supertouring 3.6

Mods that I've uninstalled:

Ferrari 355 Challenge

Thought was a mismatch because of Supertouring (have other linked mods to it installed) so I deleted Supertouring and installed the other version that I had and it worked fine. Installed Ferrari 355 again and no good... One of the mods I installed linked to supertouring was PROCAR 95 and I thought it overwritten headphysics file, but I put the headphysics file from GTR Evo (I have it because I wanted to install the GT cars in Race Injection) and it keep me giving minidup crash. Anyone knows how I solve this?

Thanks in advance...

Kenny Paton

Sep 26, 2009
yes you can change the cars ModelID (ussually in the CAR or INCCAR file)
It’s just that I vaguely remember something saying it wasn't a good idea, but I can't think where.
So hope it solves your problem. :)


Jun 23, 2010
just extract where you want and then you set the path (either your STEAM path or anything else you want to check)

remember this tool just list what it founds, does not change anything

press GO and watch it read your files

if you press S, you will find an overview of used CLASS & CAR IDs
do not forget, some IDs (for the vanilla cars) are set in special files


Jun 23, 2010
that depends what you give him to analyse and how fast your drive is
you can give him one directory, a full game or a drive full of mods (there is no progress bar)

i made a video of two of my installs analyzing

in 0:04 pushing GO (already inserted the path for my STD RACE07)
yellow icon shows its working
in 0:18 first cars pop up

with ID & CLASS

in 0:25 he finds a car with a missing description (should be a false alarm)

in 0:29 yellow icon goes off , all files has been checked

in 0:38 i change to TRACK view , i see all tracks installed

in 0:46 i change to CLASS and CAR id view

in 0:58 i swap to legacy mode
and in 1:05 a let him check my GTR2 P&G install

hope this helps

p.s.: button in the right corner called CSV saves the result in a file can be read by EXCELL)
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