Race #07, Germany: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Eduard Mallorquí

    Eduard Mallorquí

    Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Dan Brewer

    Dan Brewer

    that wasn't really a race was it. Perfectly good starts for all the red flags, got myself through the carnage, then on the one race that goes ahead someone tries to divebomb 3 cars into t1 hitting my teammate who spins into me. Crippled suspension, impossible to drive, race over lol
  3. Antonio Kolarec

    Antonio Kolarec

    It is a questionable decision to make the race so quick when the problems of server/internet didnt stop..There were no cars on the track for me on the 2nd restart and I didnt know what to do, to go menu or what because I thought server is going down again. I wasnt able to join the track in the race session in 3rd race restart... Then at the end I have lost connection like in the first race and everything went to hell...
    Dont know what to say... :/
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  4. Jim Parisis

    Jim Parisis

    Im sorry to Lukas for the hit, sorry m8.
    Here is what i saw:

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  5. Martin Gosbee

    Martin Gosbee

    Q1: Was close, I just didn't do enough practice in quali so it was close but P10.
    Q2: Did a pretty poor lap but it was enough for P7
    Race: Start was very bad but only last one position, was keeping pace and saving tires until the session got red flagged, after that it went badly, running warmup was fine with everything working fine but going to the race I noticed I had steering but throttle and brake weren't responding, fortunately the race was restarted again so I restarted the G27 but coming back the steering was not responding. So not a good weekend for Twister Black, screens falling on one of us and some game issue for the other, onto Spa.
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  6. patrick de wit

    patrick de wit


    this is the price you pay Jim when trying to overtake me:):):)
    Priceless this,is this was so funy:)
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  7. Carlos Martín

    Carlos Martín

    I must have a magnet or something similar because I've been hitted in all three attempts.

    In first attempt I had to avoid a divebomb and then I found two cars steering into me.

    Second attempt, Kolarec hits my back and chaos for everybody. Luckily red flag (or maybe not so lucky).

    Last attempt I got hitted again at the hairpin. I couldn't believe this, because people still diuves even after 3 race attempts!

    Nothing else to comment.

    Looking forward Spa.

    PS. I feel very sorry for Dian, we had a contact and his result (and mines) was highly compromised because this, Im sorry.
  8. Jernej Simončič

    Jernej Simončič

    My comeback finally :) p8, not bad, but all the pain I had to go throught... I never suffered in simracing like I did after the first 1/3 of the race. I looked at the lap counter and seeing the number of laps still to go I just wanted to esc. But I kept driving and failing and when the last 2 stints came everything changed and I was in heaven, but the heaven weren't fast enough for anything more than p8. Hope for some less fails from me in the upcoming races!

    John, I'm very sorry for the whisper, in the madness of the race I totally though you were the live steward.

    Marcel, I'm sorry about the contact. The rear snapped when I touched the throttle and the space was too small for my sliding car.
  9. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    I'm sorry for whoever got caught in my failing to get the car stop on the first start at the chicane.
    Thank god for the disconnect :D And also thank god for the red flag as I coudn't avoid the carnage on the 2nd start. Also sry to whomever was behind me at the second start as I got thrown into anti-stall there for some reason.

    The actual race:
    Not a good race overall. First half was just really bad with my brakes beeing all over the place.
    Lost to much time to the group in front and was only really in a fight with Disley during the second half of the race.

    The interesting battle with Disley was decided after my last pitstop when I got a lightning quick bs blue flag penalty again (like at Bahrain).
    On the long straight I had the choice between slowing down on the straight which would result in Disley hitting me since he was in my slipstream at that point and driving on which resulted in the penalty. Unfortunatly I forgot to map my penalty removing message when I last reinstalled the game, so the race with Blair was lost ;(
    Still some rare fun there for a while in an otherwise bad race.
  10. Jonny Simon

    Jonny Simon

    Roller Coaster weekend for me. Quite possibly almost managed my first win in ACE before the tyres went off with two laps to go, which turned into having lag related incidents that were completely unintended. Now a WC event where my pace was quite promising but I couldn't put it together to make Q2 and then another lag related incident I had no idea what was going on...

    I know it's just sim racing but I'm actually quite mentally distraught and upset with that haha :( But as I said yesterday we will keep pushing as a team and the fighting/never give up spirit is always there.
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  11. David Greco

    David Greco

    I had an awesome race. Was very hard at the start of the race, because people do tend to be overly aggressive, and I was trying to not make mistakes, I wanted a clean race and make up for as many positions as possible. I had good overtakes, one scary moment at an overtake in the hairpin where looked like i used the handbrake to do it, drifted all over the place lol. I loved this race, was fun, and my pace was very good.
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  12. intact


    Very nice weekend from Jiri! Impressive stuff!

    E. Kõre
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  13. Rob van Starkenburg

    Rob van Starkenburg

    Q1 Was good, got p5.
    Q2 Was quite bad. S2 and especially S3 should have bewn better. But it turned out more people went on making mistakes so i got p3.

    First race attempt would have been best for me as i was confortably in second place behind Morgan. I could jump Petar easy at the start, and i knew that wouldn't happen at a restart. Anyway, up to the normal race.

    I kept 3rd position until the first stops where i managed to get in front of Petar. Morand braked to get drs on me, i could have done the same but i didn't want to as Petar was there aswel. Morand passed me but as he was on the harder tire so i could stay with him. After some laps when i was close behind him with drs on the backstraight i got caught out by the 100m sign being removed. So i completely missed my braking point and lost the back end, resulting in contact with Morand. Again, sorry for that.
    Although my tires where not to bad after that half spin, i did have some vibrations troughout the rest of the stint. Also i went off when going into the stadium section when i got distracted by ts, gifting the position to Jiri. I then found myself right in front of Petar and Bono. I made a mistake before t2 going a bit wide, so Brljak came alongside into t3 and we had contact. "I still have to look in to that" i halfspun and Bono got passed aswel.
    Then i tryed to get in front with the stop but i missed my box slighty. Another stupid mistake. I couldn't do much at that stage of the race until after my 3rd stop. I took super soft again and started to feel more confidence so i could close the gap a bit. Then after the last stop i found out Petar went on soft aswel to cover me up. I kept pushing and managed to get into the drs range. Eventually Petar made a mistake and i could get ahead of him. I kept him behind until the end. It was close with the tires so the finish came at the right moment.

    Happy to bring it home in 4th. Didn't really deserve more anyway after my early mistakes. Overall a good race for the team. Especially with Jiri taking his first podium in his first wc race.
  14. Dian Kostadinov

    Dian Kostadinov

    Q1 - Wasn't good lap, but still important p9.
    Q2 - I was a bit nervous, because I had not many laps on low fuel and was inconsistant, after few mistakes by others, got p8.

    Race 1 - I did good start, managed to pass Gosbee who started really slow. In 3rd lap Huis overtook me and then I was trying to follow the group of couple drivers ahead of me. They were fighting I was keeping good pace without mistakes. Had some battle with Gosbee side by side and unfortunately after p7 got connection lost, I thought the problem is to my internet, but hopefully it wasn't.

    Race 2 - Not much things to comment here. Messy start Eventa's cars were on p8 and p9 and this race was restarted because of incidents.

    Race 3 - I wasn't nervious cuz I didn't know whether will do as the same way as last two attempts, my aim was to keep focus to not doing mistakes and cuts. I knew most of the drivers will cut and it will be investigated. After the start after another problems with Gosbee, Huis managed to position next to me aheading to T1, for T2 he attacked me from inside and Carlos from outside, I was like in sandwich we had a contact eachother, but fortunately I could escape from this situation without major damage and even I could save my actual position. 3-4 laps later, Huis overtook me without problems, I knew the race will be not with him, so didn't fight hard. My strategy is to undercut guys infront, so that's why I decided to pit earlier than others in Lap 9. I get out from the pits on clean track and putting Softs. I didn't like them at all, way slower than SS but could do more laps in heavy car. After 6-7 laps I started to sliding everywhere, I don't know why maybe I ruined them too early, it was difficult and was defending from everyone. At one of the laps Carlos braked later with better tires and I had to open the door, but then we collided and spun, got front wing damage and lost around 10 secs. I forgive you my friend :p After that I had some understeer and the car stayed different every lap so it was tricky to bring it home. After that I couldn't do all laps what I was supposed to do in every stint, so I had to do one stint with Softs instead choicing SS. And without problems I finnished on 9th position, I didn't cut at all and I believe some of the guys infront may have been cutted so, I have some chances to progress.

    Anyway, this track was one of the worst ever, I like the configuration, but this version was very bad for me, for my style and I'm happy could score some points here. I'm really blessed to have Mike in the team, who made awesome race finnishing in p10. He has a lot potential to release and I believe in next 1-2 years will be permanent WC driver. Cya till Spa.