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Race 07 Club - Questionnaire

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ross Garland, May 31, 2012.

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  1. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    R3E & AMS Club Manager Staff Premium

    In our continuing efforts to improve the racing experience we offer here at RD, we would like to gather some information from the Race 07 community. This questionnaire addresses various aspects of racing on which we would like your opinions. Also, please don't forget to answer the poll above!

    Please do not use this thread for discussion. At this point it is solely for answering the questions below. Further feedback threads may be created in the near future for general opinions and suggestions, based on the information we gather here.

    Thanks in advance to everyone that takes part in our little survey. :)

    Car Classes

    Q1) Do you generally prefer default cars from Race 07 and it's expansions, or mod cars?

    Q2) Do you prefer tin-tops (eg, touring cars, GT cars) or open-wheelers (eg, Formula BMW, Formula Ford)?

    Q3) Do you prefer cars that are relatively easy to handle (eg, touring cars), or cars that can be challenging to keep on the road (eg, GT Pro)?

    Q4) Would you prefer a set schedule with fixed classes, or a few days per week on which classes are rotated? (ie, as it is now)


    Q5) Do you generally prefer default tracks from Race 07 and it's expansions, or mod tracks?

    Q6) Do you prefer wide and sweeping or tight and technical?

    Q7) Would you prefer popular tracks to be repeated more often, or for new (unused) tracks to be used whenever possible?

    Event Format

    Q8) For the regular weekly events, which of the following would you prefer:
    - Two races of 20-25 minute duration,
    - A single race of 40-50 minute duration.​

    Q9) Would you like to see mandatory pit stops, or should they remain optional?

    Q10) Would you like to see more events in which changeable weather is enabled?


    Q11) If you are one of the majority that choose not to use TeamSpeak, can you tell us why?

    Q12) How do you feel about the general driving standards displayed in the Race 07 Club?

    Q13) Are you aware that you can report poor driving and breaches of our rules to RaceDepartment staff?

    Q14) With new simulators such as rFactor 2 and GTR 3 on the way, will you abandon Race 07 when they are released?
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  2. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    I own all the expansions. :)

    1. A bit off both too be fair, some days with default, some days with mods.
    2. Tin-Tops
    3. GT cars, because they drift. :D (Seriously tho, GT cars)
    4. Run like 4 weeks with something, if it works out continue with it, if not, try something else.
    5. Here again, 50%-50%
    6. 50%-50%, Macau is great sometimes, Monza is great sometimes.
    7. Of course popular tracks should be repeated, but there should also be room too try out a new track.
    8. Depends which cars. Some cars run 20 min on a stint, some run 40. So either 2 sprint races without pit, or a long one with pit.
    9. See 8.
    10. Yes, deffo.
    11. I use TS, because its funny. :D
    12. 90% of all events I've been in there have been great driving, so in the way I look at it its great.
    13. Yes....
    14. I will race it, but not that often.

    Hope this helps Ross!
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  3. Mark Gormley

    Mark Gormley
    #14 | The Silent Killer

    Q1) Default, though perhaps the more well established mods such as V8SC, or one I'd really be interested like the Supertouring mod.
    Q2) Touring cars.
    Q3) No preference, a variety is nice, between the easy WTCC and more challenging '87 and Retros.
    Q4) The more variety the better, though I have noticed some drivers seem to prefer to stick to certain classes.
    Q5) Default tracks, again barring something special like Spa or 'road' road courses (Sachsenring, Rouen les Essarts, etc.)
    Q6) Sweeping and tight :p Fast, bumpy, and challenging.
    Q7) More popular tracks repeated, perhaps more people would be tempted to jump in last minute if they know they don't need to learn and setup so much.
    Q8) Double races, 25 minutes. Though personally I'd like to see more one-off endurances with other classes. Love the 80 minute Minis.
    Q9) Always optional, though it's nice when race length/weather makes people have to think about it.
    Q10) Yes, but not with definite knowledge of the forecast.
    Q11) Limited bandwidth and mental capacity/concentration, plus others find my accent difficult.
    Q12) Very high standard, with 90% of infractions committed by new members who are just making the transition from AI/public races.
    Q13) And make very good use of it when I can.
    Q14) As a touring car fan, no.
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  4. Reggie Blain

    Reggie Blain

    Q1) Default touring cars always makes good racing
    Q2) Touring cars.
    Q3) think there should be few Radical events put up, Best cars 2 drive in Race 07
    Q4) Its always good to drive different cars but at the same time you need time to learn the way the car handles etc so maybe a class per month
    Q5) Tracks i dont mind always happy 2 race new circuits
    Q6) dont mind
    Q7) dont mind
    Q8) Love the 2 race format but would like pit stops, as it just makes things more exciting and its always nice 2 get fresh rubber
    Q9) yes i like pit stops as it puts a bit of strategy into the race :)
    Q10) dont mind
    Q11) I use TS,
    Q12) Very good
    Q13) yes
    Q14) not sure, but don't think so
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  5. Joao Borges

    Joao Borges

    1) 50/50 on this. Default and expansions as well as high quality mods such as V8, DTM or Formula Ford. Supertouring would be great as well.
    2) Tin tops.
    3) A variety of cars is great, better than sticking with one class. I like the challenge of always trying to drive new cars.
    4) As it is now, variety is great.
    5) 50/50 here.
    6) Some cars suit better tight tracks while others suit better wide tracks. So, 50/50 here as well.
    7) Use popular, but sneak up a few unpopular whenever possible.
    8) I like both, but I prefer the longer 1 race format. Sort of like the Mini Friday.
    9) Mandatory pit stops. Strategy is fun.
    10) Don't mind.
    11) I don't have a microphone. I do have a bluetooth headset, but I'm not sure if it works with my PC. Never tried to get it working though. Maybe I will one day.
    12) They are great, havent had major problems.
    13) Yes.
    14) Doubt it. I love touring cars.
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  6. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

    1) Default cars.​
    2) Tin Tops (GT cars mainly)​
    3) I prefer a challenge​
    4) Fixed schedule, maybe with points over a set time as well. Could entice more people. ​
    5) Both provided the mod track is of a good quality. ​
    6) Tight and technical. ​
    7) I don't mind, but the more tracks used the more tracks we would know are good fun and work well. ​
    8) Single longer race.​
    9) Mandatory. Always added to the fun when we had them 6 or so months back. ​
    10) Yes​
    11) I tend to try and use TS. ​
    12) Varying. I have had many fantastic races and some which put peoples driving and reputation to shame.​
    13) Yes. But it always seems as though it is not worth it. Even if someone causes an incident it is a one off event and in a realistic environment you could only warn them for something like that. ​
    14) No. rFactor 2 is 12 months away from being viable for a vast majority of people. GTR3 it's too soon to say but it wont be offering touring cars or single seaters so I don't see why Race should hit the backburner too heavily. ​
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  7. 4 8 15 16 23 42 108

    4 8 15 16 23 42 108
    Only the 5th-most famous race driver from Kerpen

    Car Classes
    Q1) 50/50
    Q2) Tin-Tops
    Q3) Usually the "slower" classes are more fun, as the field is closer and contact can be made without spinning.
    Q4) Rotation as per now

    Q5) 50/50
    Q6) Not too tight, as overtaking is a mess then
    Q7) As "popular" doesn't neccessarily mean I must like it, I would love to see more "unknown" exots on the schedule.

    Event Format
    Q8)- Two races of 20-25 minute duration
    Q9) This should stick to the real life racing reglement the series run has: WTCC no, GT yes etc.
    Q10) No (rain is heavy load for the PC, this can be an issue for several participants!)

    Q11)Indeed I can!
    When racing, I want to concentrate and keep my focus. With someone talking to me, my results will suffer (I must admit I have to try teamspeak before saying this).
    Chatting in the race is not allowed. So if using TS is not allowed in a race, why even bother with it? If TS is allowed, why not chatting?
    Then, I have another software installed I seldomly use. I have only a very old headphone etc. Too much trouble to become a fan of:-(
    Q12) Not enough races attended in Race07 Club, so I want to put my joker here:D
    Q13) I fully am. Never had to do this:)
    Q14) I want to never abandon Race07 in my life. This is by far the best and "longest" game I ever had. If there still is a crowd, I will be around.
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  8. Vinicius Ferreira

    Vinicius Ferreira

    1) Default Cars
    2) Touring Cars
    3) Touring Cars and easy to handle
    4) Fixed Schedule
    5) Default Tracks + SPA
    6) Tight and Technical
    7) Popular tracks
    8) 2 X 20min races
    9) optional pit-stop
    10) changeable always
    11) TS distract me
    12) very good behaviour
    13) yes
    14) NO

    PS: my 2 cents suggestion: this game is about touring cars, so why can you put one more day of touring cars, using only the VW scirocco, a car which we never used, so maybe one day is VW scirocco cup, same car for everybody, thx
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  9. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    Q1) Both
    Q2) Both GT-Cars and open-wheelers about the same with a slight-preference for open-wheelers lately :)
    Q3) For me, this one is reversed. I find the so called challenging cars much easier and more natural to control, so I highly prefer them. I don't really drive WTCC-type touring cars anymore.
    Q4) I don't do many clubraces atm, so I'm fine with both
    Q5) Again, both^^
    Q6) I prefer the modern tracks which are more tight and technical mostly
    Q7) I would suggest not having the same tracks repeated too often
    Q8) - A single race of 40-50 minute duration.
    Q9) I'm fine with both
    Q10) I would say yes, but not everyone.
    Q11) I prefer racing with my headphones (without a mic), so I use TS only in listening-mode. I can't drive & talk at the same time anyway :) If there aren't multiple guys in TS which I could listen too, there's no point for my to join.
    Q12) They were obviously better in the past. But that's ok since the ratio of beginners is much higher now compared to back then. Since there also seems to be less preperation for races going on nowadays, it is also a normal tendency and I'm fine with the standarts.
    Q13) Yes
    Q14) I will slowly transition to new sims, but not before next year I suppose.
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  10. Sebastian Tasak

    Sebastian Tasak

    Car Classes

    Q1) Race 07 and it's expansions,

    Q2 )tin-tops

    Q3) touring cars

    Q4) indifferent


    Q5) default tracks from Race 07

    Q6) 50/50

    Q7) mostly popular tracks

    Event Format

    Q8) A single race of 40-50 minute with pit-stop.

    Q9)mandatory pit stops

    Q10) Yes, if will be information before event.


    Q11) I don't use TEam speak, because I can't fluently speak english. :):redface:

    Q12) great-excellent organization

    Q13) Yes

    Q14) I will play Race 07 always, but if when will be new simulation, I will play new game too.
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  11. Matt Emmens

    Matt Emmens

    Car Classes

    Q1) I don't really mind.

    Q2) Touring Cars :)

    Q3) Easy Handling

    Q4) Rotation


    Q5) Mostly default but i do like certain mod tracks.

    Q6) Wide & Sweeping because i have less to hit :p

    Q7) Popular tracks repeated

    Event Format

    Q8) Two races of 20-25 minute duration,

    Q9) Mandatory pit stops

    Q10) Yes


    Q11) I don't know why i don't use it actually. I guess i'm just a shy person tbh :notworthy:

    Q12) From my point of view there good but i'm always to far back to get involved in contact :whistling:

    Q13) Oui ;)
    Q14) Nope :D
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  12. Steve O'Malley

    Steve O'Malley







    Dont mind

    2 x 25


    No experience

    Wife doesnt want to hear me talking

    If you are fast you can get away with more "unavoidable contact"

    Yes, but you have to provide a video. I really cant understand this as presumably the admins have access to the replay so surely if you report the time in seconds the incident occurred it is easy for them to watch from as many angles as possible. Not everyone has the time or the means to provide a video so they dont bother which means one of RD's primary boasts about being a place for clean racing is irrelevant because the importance of getting every detail of a protest right is apparently more important than someone infringing the rules. The outcome of race 2 in group 3 last week could have been completely different if I had protested but my offer of details of 3 incidents was turned down unless I provided a video - rant over.

    Probably wont stick with Race07 for reasons above, but i didnt like RFactor2 so will probably continue with IRacing.
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  13. Dubravko Sparovec

    Dubravko Sparovec

    Car Classes

    Q1) I prefer mod cars and drive default cars from time to time.

    Q2) Open-wheelers

    Q3) Easy to handle cars

    Q4) As it is


    Q5) Mod tracks

    Q6) Wide and sweeping

    Q7) New tracks

    Event Format

    Q8) A single race of 40-50 minute duration.

    Q9) Mandatory

    Q10) Yes


    Q11) I use it sometimes.

    Q12) I think driving could be a little better. Drivers are too eager to try and overtake in places where it isn't safe or even possible. That's one of the reasons I prefer single 40 minute races.

    Q13) Yes

    Q14) No
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  14. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    rFactor Senior Club Manager Staff Premium

    Car Classes

    Q1) I race from cockpit so its all about the view out of the screen. if i can find a car with good mirrors then i'm in

    Q2) i prefer tin tops with a good view out the screen, and then the radical/caterhams over open wheelers

    Q3) For me its about the view, don't like fwd wtcc, Cars with a good clear screen and good mirrors any class

    Q4) Its more about which days i'm free, So for me a rotation would be better in the long run


    Q5) For me i would like mixed 1 week a default frack followed by a mod track fantasy/real

    Q6) Mix it up its the only way to improve

    Q7) We all have our favorites As long as its mixed up. I have joined events because i like the track over the car
    unused tracks need to be tested which takes time..
    is it a driving track great for time trail events
    or a racing track great for club events

    Event Format

    Q8)Two races of 20-25 minute duration
    Q9) Not for a 25 min event

    Q10) Yes with cars with a better range of tyres... mod cars


    Q11) I sometimes use it and have noticed i make more mistakes even though the drivers don't talk in the event ...
    my game goes quiet as a mic is active and i loose concentration... this is more annoying than sombody talking

    Q12) I'm not the fastest thing out there, and i feel some people are a bit to aggressive in there driving
    Although they are not actually doing anything wrong. at times it feels like its a accident waiting to happen

    Q13) Yes

    Q14) ive recently got into GTL and NetKarPro and love my KartRace Pro,
    so its already happening
    With GLT Ive found a great group of guys with the same kind of race ethics easy going and fun (but they still race hard) Retro heaven
    NetKar is all about the feel
    KartRace Pro.. this is often overlooked but its so good.. we've already got what the others are promising
    So for me at the moment Rfactor 2 will wait for a complete sim before trying
    GTR3 i will wait for the finished product and try it before i jump ship
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  15. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan

    Car Classes
    Q1) prefer default cars from Race 07 and it's expansions
    Q2) tin-tops and open-wheelers
    Q3) Radicals and Cat's don't do anything for me
    Q4) a few days per week on which classes are rotated
    Q5) default tracks from Race 07 and it's expansions, mod tracks
    Q6) Do you prefer wide and sweeping
    Q7) either
    Event Format
    Q8) either:
    - Two races of 20-25 minute duration,
    - A single race of 40-50 minute duration.

    Q9) both
    Q10)Love dry only.
    Q11) I use it, would rather be able to use it a bit, racing related during the races too.​
    Q12) They seem to change all the time, generally good. I think that's normal.
    Q13) Oh yes, I do that!
    Q14) I have iracing, rfactor2 as well. If play drops off I'll spend more time at one of the others. I will get GTR3.
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  16. Ian Strom

    Ian Strom

    Car Classes
    Q1) Gotta have a mix!
    Q2) tin-top, actually, screw tin, I want the heavy american steel of the 60's TransAm cars!(and similar or lower performance cars are fun too)
    Q3) It is good to mix, but man, remember the 69 BOSS 302 mod for GTL? That is orgasmic! :D When the back end kicks out.... yesyesyesyesyesyes... but you can still handle it ok. It is a manly bear-car, it is not a light fluffy touchy emo poofter car. :)
    Q4) Naturally, all days should be classic american(and some australian) muscular pony cars! I normally would vote for set days/times because then you know exactly what is on what day, but this can still have scheduling conflicts and you also only have a limited number of days and time slots. I am not sure what works the best.
    Q5) Here, a mix is an absolute must.
    Q6) Again, mix keeps things interesting.
    Q7) Ehhh.. Mix. You have to introduce new tracks because they might be future favourites! But at the same time, the good ol' tracks that you all know and love must not be forgotten and should occasionally be used. You just have to find the correct balance so people do not grow weary of certain tracks. Gotta remember to mix in some dirt tracks now and then too!
    Event Format
    Q8)In my personal opinion I will side with most events being two races with occasional longer single race tossed in.
    Q9) Optional unless very long race.
    Q10) Weather sounds potentially interesting, though I have not been in it due to coming from GTL.
    Q11) N/A. Teamspeak/vent/mumble/etc are awesome and I always use em.
    Q12) Only been in one Race07 club race and did not see the other guys for long. My driving was easily the most lacking there but I do at least try to keep it in line when near others.
    Q13) Yes, but I have not yet encountered a situation that I felt I had to report someone else, because the guys I have been racing with here on RD are great. :)
    Q14) Only if they offer wicked old american cars that best GTL and Retro(max).
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  17. Petr Kantor

    Petr Kantor

    Car Classes

    Q1) Race07+exp cars. Not afraid of one or two modded ones.

    Q2) No preference, depends only on the chance of finding a setup for the car. No setups, no drive.

    Q3) Easy to handle.

    Q4) Fixed


    Q5) Any good track is good.

    Q6) any

    Q7) 50-50 like the spa, imola, etc races, don't mind playing new once in a while.

    Event Format

    Q8) both is cool

    Q9) optional

    Q10) Yes, up for a random weather as well.


    Q11) Mostly problem to talk in the evenings. People sleeping here.

    Q12) TOo aggressive ruining my game sometimes. Not entirely with bumps, but forcing me to avoid while being overtaken and this leads to mistakes and gravel visits.

    Q13) Yes. Not reporting border cases.

    Q14) Most probably not, if there were events coming in. Also a price issue with 2 games to be paid at one year in full...
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  18. Alberto Casado

    Alberto Casado

    Car Classes

    Q1) Mostly mods (because the only race07 openwheeler I find fun to drive is the F3000)
    Q2) Open wheelers
    Q3) Going fast should be a challenge. But if exiting pits is already difficult, the car is no good.
    Q4) I would like more open wheel events. Maybe also radicals and caterhams.

    Q5) Indifferent if the track is good (i.e. fun to drive and enough detail to spot braking points easily)
    Q6) Equal (a good track should have a bit of both)
    Q7) New just for new's sake is no good. If a track is fun it should be reused.

    Event Format
    Q8) Given accidents chance and (sometimes) not so brilliant standards of overtaking, two race stints are the best.
    Q9) I dont think they make much sense in a short race.
    Q10) I prefer dry TBH.

    Q11) I can use it to listen, but I cannot keep concentration up if I talk. A few months ago a lot of people used it and it was fun to hear, but it's been a while that nobody appears connected. I gave up launching the program.
    Q12) Some cutthroat overtakers and too few yielders. People should be more willing to give up a place or an overtake instead of pushing it until two drivers are out.
    Race start are probably the worst. Nobody allows an extra couple of meters.
    Q13) Yes.
    Q14) It depends on the population still using race07. I will not give it up for rf2 in any case, gtr3 still has to be seen.
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  19. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka

    Car Classes

    Q1) Default. But drive F Ford mod here on RD as well.

    Q2) Both. GT cars and low powered formula cars.

    Q3) I prefer easier to handle GT cars. :) Lower categories mostly.

    Q4) Don't know. I pick good track/car combo. I don't care otherwise.


    Q5) Default.

    Q6) Wide, fast and sweeping. I prefer non stop&go tracks.

    Q7) If it is easy to learn, it doesn't matter.

    Event Format

    Q8) Both, but I preffer two race format. However, Mini friday is good as it is.

    Q9) Not in sprint races.

    Q10) No. Enduro races only. Maybe fixed wet weather in sprints, but not changable. Like damped track set to 10-30% on server for slick racing in wet. ;)


    Q11) I don't want to be disturbed. I couldn't focus otherwise.

    Q12) Good, except maybe STCC. I'll probably never try it again.

    Q13) Yes. But I don't record videos.

    Q14) Not until I buy better PC.
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  20. Leigh Walford

    Leigh Walford

    Q1) Default cars
    Q2) Tin tops
    Q3) Easier to handle.
    Q4) Don't mind
    Q5) Default tracks fit default mods best
    Q6) Don't mind
    Q7) Keep popular tracks for championships and introduce new tracks at club nights
    Q8) Two races
    Q9) Optional
    Q10) No, as these favour drivers who have the time to practice
    Q11) Not policed well.
    Q12) Very good. Friendly
    Q13) Yes
    Q14) Depends on the quality, won't abandon RD though
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