Race 07 bugs that annoy me

Do you find these bugs annoying?

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Petr Kantor

Jul 22, 2008
I was thinking that maybe mentioning the few things that i hate about the game might end in them being fixed sometime in the future. I do also believe that elefants may fly.

So here they are:

1) The tire wear thing. Has anyone noticed that even if you stand still, the tires start to wear down, going roughly half a percent per minute? Yeah, stand outside of garage for long enough and they might blow up. At least MotecAdd reports this.

2) Early hop into driver seat means disadvantage. Before race start you have 2 minutes to get ready for the start. I noticed too, that when you start early, you are sitting for 2 minutes in idle on start, and your tires cool off, and start to wear (see 1) apart from everything else, i see that having tires at 60°C is quite an disadvantage towards first turns compared to having them at 80°C if you hopped in just before race start. Again, at least so reports MotecAdd.

3) The rocks. Yeah, the rocks running all around us when you chase a car, are unfrotunately computed ONLY based on relative distance difference. Stay behind a car close enough and you will get splashed by visious small rocks flying all around your car, making pretty holes into your windshield. Usually right in the middle, where you want to see. And yeah, they do fly around the track even if you are standing still on the grid. Which is what i hate. There is no velocity involved with the probability of rocks flying around, there is no cone of likely paths, it is just that. A car is in front of you on the track= you get holes in your windshield. Never mind that the car is on the other side of road, and you both are going 10 kmph. This sucks.

Solutions for these?

1) Easy, do not add this stupid increase-over-time algorithm, or at least modify it to be more proportional to actual velocity. No movement=no tire wear, unless you are parking in front of my house, where tires tend to disappear even when car is stationary. They tend to turn into pile of bricks!

2) Easy too. Car properties are constant until the race start (Ie "Grid Full" ). Might speed up the delay between qualy and race.

3) Equally easy too. Just a little common sense employed in correcting this algorithm, and a little effort too. No more fake algorithms in the era of GigaFLOPS!

Mike Coleman

Sep 4, 2008
One more option on the poll:

Yes they are annoying bugs and should be fixed, but there are worse bugs that should get higher priority.

Gary Lennon

Feb 19, 2008
I must admit to not even being aware of the bugs you mention....for me theeee most annoying thing is that some tracks run perfectly smooth and completely judder and hiccup free,and then other tracks are almost unplayable juddery jittering disaster zones....

Eric. K

Sep 10, 2008
All those are soo minor IMO... The Volvo bug and the new "ghost"disconnects are the biggest issue. The rest is just nice to have, but easy to work around.

Warren Dawes

Mar 1, 2007
I hope they fix the WTCC87 on-line booting problem.

The minor tyre temp thing may be a Motec problem, not actually a Race 07 issue.

Petr Kantor

Jul 22, 2008
The tyre temperatures dropping is realistic, that happens.
I mean, yes, that surely happens in real life. But then, in real life noone has the option to jump on the starting grid two minutes after someone else did, thus having the benefit of warmer tires. So since we have this 2 minutes time to get ready, (and that is a good thing) the starting conditions should be equal for everybody again (as is in real life, but with everybody's tires cooling off). Its easy to modify this in game, just let the temperatures start to drop only after everybody joins the grid.

The entire goal of this fix is to save ourselves a minute of our time every race start, and that in sum could be a lot in fact. Now the proper startup procedure is to check the track conditions, adjust your setup for fuel (or just check), and then sit and wait for some 90 seconds before it is the right time to jump on the grid, as there will surely be somebody else who will wait this long as well. At the end everybody loses this unnecessary delay because if you take it seriously, you HAVE to wait. It either equalizes the advantage someone else might have, or gives an advantage to you...

So if everybody knowing that the tires will be equal at the race start regardless of the delay speng on blocks, the races might start earlier. And if we go 5 races a day, that could be 5 minutes a day, and many, manby hours a year spent either uselessly, or by racing.

What do you think guys?


Nov 29, 2009
I don't really understand what you mean, but if other people are getting an advantage out of something you aren't doing, can't you just do what they are doing too? That eliminates any advantage they have. :D

Carlos Diaz

Happily driving a "girly" car
Sep 16, 2009
Not really a bug, but I hate having to go back to the garage just to load a new driver that just joined.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
Not really a bug, but I hate having to go back to the garage just to load a new driver that just joined.
That annoys me since day one that i play this game. Could be easily tackled with a sardine can car like in rFactor. The amount of times you get crashed by someobody in the practice and qualy sessions because of this is incredible.

1/2 of the flamebates on public servers are caused by this. People that dont know the game too well think they got crashed on purpose.

So i would consider it a bug, and a pretty big one
Sep 22, 2009
Not really a bug, but I hate having to go back to the garage just to load a new driver that just joined.
If Carlos hadn't posted this, I would have. I think it is a bug, cuz if you don't return to the pits you take the chance on hitting an invisible car - the one that you can't see cuz you didn't go back to the pits to load it. I hope the "soon to be released" patch fixes that. Hard to believe it's taken this long for someone to post it.

Numbers 1 and 2 are really the same aren't they? And #3 I've never experienced.

Eric Stranne

Jan 19, 2011
There is another one, that's slightly bad. If you decide to get disqualified in the last few seconds, and you're on track with the "You have been disqualified" message and it skips to the next session, you will be last througout the entire race, no matter where you are.

Craig Hume

Mar 4, 2008
Tires do get cold on the grid in reality. So that aint a bug at all. Either the time should be made less or you should join later.
Even in reality when cars dont get a warmup lap of the grid, you will see many people come out as late as possible.
Thus taking advantage of that. I have never noticed my car getting hit by rocks. To me it does often look like there is pieces of rubber being thrown onto my windscreen (i dont drive anything except in-car, so i cant comment what it looks like from other camera angles). If it where rubber then that would once again be fairly accurate and would explain it also showing when a car is on the other side of the road (thus, the dirty side where the rubber is). Not sure if Simbin would however have gone to all that trouble to be realistic.
For me the biggest pain is the other rubbish (bugs and things) flying into my visor on a open wheeler. Bugs do hit a visor, but no where near the level and amount as shown in-game. I can easily go through all my visor strips in a race. Where in reality i foten having nothing stuck to my visor at the end of a race day.
Must admit, up till now i have never driven into a imaginery car thats waiting to be loaded. So i cant say much with regards that.

@Eric: So why are you trying to get a DQ.

Rupe Wilson

Mar 1, 2009
There is a RaceDepartment rule for racing that says you have to get to the grid before the last 30 seconds or you can be reported for unsporting behavior. As this can/does produce a blue flag to all other drivers leading to confusion...
also unknown rules... no flashing of headlights or use of headlights unless fast lap in qually..
pit speed limiter to be used at all times... no unsafe driving ... no fooling around, no talking /typing during qually or race
no lap time comparisons before a race(so us slower drivers don't get scared of the fast pace)
Getting yourself D/Q as far as i'm aware is not allowed..

Kennett Ylitalo

Oct 23, 2008
@Eric: So why are you trying to get a DQ.
I'll answer this as i'm present... To get yourself demoted at the back of the pack, it offers nice close racing almost thru the whole race. It also produces a lot of overtaking practice and gives opportunities to race against people that you normally wouldn't see. In league racing DQ is strictly prohibited but i've never received any complaints in the club races for doing so, all thou i've never done it in other than mini friday or saturday fun/special events.

Antony Snook

Jul 16, 2011
Im new to Race 07 and find it better than Codemasters F1 2010 and 2011 as it is customizable with a full interface. What annoys me is in races i like to pit. So i go for longer distances, I usually get up front and then have to pit for fuel and tires. This is slow and i come out a lap down and have the message to pull over like im in a HRT Cosworth. So i do the short sprint races about 10 laps that i have the fuel for.I Just wonder if the AI Cars stop for fuel and tires. I could make it so the tank is infinite but part of the feel of a racing car is how it starts heavy and gets lighter like a real driver feels.