Race #05, Canada: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Mikko Puumalainen

    Mikko Puumalainen

    Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Morgan Morand

    Morgan Morand

    brakeduct 8, pressure 86% = fail at 64th lap :p
    Overtake all drivers was pretty fun... come back to 2nd place.
    Now i will make the race one by one, the championship is over
    Good job to save the car bono. It could be a great battle here if i started in front.
    Battle with 2 brakes left :p it was funny...
  3. Ben Jacobs

    Ben Jacobs

    Great to watch the battle through the broadcast! Loved the radio messages between Bono and Morgan too :p Brilliant race.
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  4. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

    Q1: Even i did a PB it was just enough for P14.

    Race: First stint wasnt really good. Couldnt find my rhythm and touched Jim slightly which caused him to spin. Sorry for that. The space was getting closer and closer and i had no chance to avoid the touch.
    From there on it was a good race for me. Had a 2 stint battle with Gergo and Philipp, good job to both of you. Really entertaining. At the end i finished on P8, more as i could expect due to the start into the race.

    Congrats to Bono and everyone who finished without a brake failure or something else :)
  5. Peter Varga

    Peter Varga

    Q1: it was ok.. 11th place.. best so far.

    Race: it was really hard race.. after the start I had defend all the first stint.. And the others behind me were really aggressive.. Lapchin almost spin me ... After that Van de Linden forget to brake at the hairpin and ram into me.. it was a miracle my back wing didn't came off.. but my car heavily damaged I was slower 2-3 kph everywhere .. so some of the guys overtook me back.. I was frustrated.. at the last stint I get used to the damaged car.. and my pace was not that bad.. I was closing up to Lapchin.. but I didnt have enough time to catch him.. maybe next time :)... I finished 11th.. unlucky race again ... but I'm really looking forward to silverstone.. one of the best track of the year...

    Congrat to my teammate for 7th place.. and thanks for the Netrex Guys for the help to setup the car.. great team! :)
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  6. patrick de wit

    patrick de wit

    Q1 1 14 905 good enough for p8
    Q2 i had a big lock up into the slow hairpin and lost around 0,6
    very bad time 1 16 4 so 10th on grid
    For some reason i started 9th or something
    The start was close but did not wanted to have incidents
    Marcel van de linden passed me exiting turn 2
    Then lap 2 marcel made a small mistake and i could overtake him
    Not much too say was defending from Tali which worked out
    Then i made a stupid mistake at my 1st pitstop calling the guys out then back in and i thought i had to come in which was not the case
    Then my pitstop lasted 11 secs losing a lot of places
    Then i tried to make the best out of it passing disley after 1st pitstop then from lap 59 to 64 awesome battle with Gosbee i passed him at The wall of champions which he decided to park his car there:)
    In the end not happy cause my car is simply not good enough
    I was 6th at the end of teh day due to last lap retirements Morand Tali....
    Happy with result but not how car is behaving
  7. Gergo Baldi

    Gergo Baldi

    It was one of my worst weekends, i missed the Q1, only 12th, and I was slow on the race too. I had a great fight with Van der Linden in the last laps in the second stint, i hope i was fair. At the last pitstop ( lap 54 I think ) we came to the pit side by side with Kanitz, and then we had a fight for some laps. I'm very very disappointed, I was nearly the slowest man on the track, and that's not what i expected.. Fortunately, the next track will be Silverstone, I really like it, so i hope it'll be better for us.
    Congrats for Bono, he was unstoppable again, and congrats for Peter, he was very fast, but he was unlucky again, without this, he could be easily in the top 5. Thanks for the team for the setup, it was not bad at all, and thanks for my engineer, Zsolt Nagy.
    See you in Silverstone!
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  8. George Chatzipantelis

    George Chatzipantelis

    [from gpcos]

    I went into Qualifying with no confidence, so I was just aiming for P15 at max. I did a 1.15.8 before I got "connection lost", but the server didn't keep it. I had much more pace in it so I think I could have gone P15-P16 without this problem.

    On race,
    This time I tried to be more calm on start, not focusing on gaining places, but to be safe after turn 1..
    I managed that and could maintain a respectable pace. Controlled and calm. I was thinking already about what to do in the next stint, push more to reduce the gap and attack the guys in front of me? Or just going safemode till the end so that I could gain positions to other drivers' misfortune?

    I had a marginal pitstop having 0% fuel on the straight before the pits, I think 1 sec more and my engine would just cut off.. So I had a fine stop, fast and clean and went out to find that I extended my gap to Marconi I think? or Masciulli. I don't remember, but it doesn't matter anyway. Then on the S3 I had already indications that something wasn't goin' well with my PC. I was losing FPS and gaining it again, but on the straight it wasn't such a problem.After a whole stint of being calm at last chicane, I had to face it with 30 or less FPS. Consequently I lost the braking, then just "guessed" how to save the car, cause I really could see nothing till I saw my car stalled. It's really frustrating for me cause for once I was able to do fine for the first time in my short WC career, I was looking forward to my first proper finish, not getting lapped. Dreaming of a point in the end which from what I saw in the results, I think it could have been possible..

    But it just wasn't meant to be.

    I hope I'll see you again in the upcoming races, every single race with the best simracers in the world give me lots of experience and determination to improve and do better.

    P.S. Thanks Giuseppe, on the overtaking move I did on you, I went with 1% confidence, I thought there will be an incident for sure, cause those damn kerbs are pretty high. I decided to take the risk, and you left enough space for me to pass in the end, clean and fair!
  9. Morgan Morand

    Morgan Morand