Race #05, Canada: Post-Race Discussion

My start was good, win some positions but spun then few laps later. Had a good fight with leppaenen but then I lost unlucky my frontwing and some laps later my brakes. But I drove 90 % of the race and have now my first FSR points :)


The unlucky Finn
Unlucky race for me, retired again. But, this was the most successful race for me yet, I drove over half of the race time until my engine blew up in the pits. I have retired the other races much earlier.

Pre-Qualifying: Not so good result, but at least I made it in G1, in fact, I was the last man to get there :)

Qualifying: I was on my limits there. My lap record is 1:16.101 and I got 1:16.3 something.

The start of the race: At first I thought I would be involved in a pile-up, but thankfully I made it through the crowd.

Race itself: It was great, this was the first time for me to actually race with others. I made lots of overtakes and I felt so fascinated to make some kind of progress in FSR. Overall, the race went alright but I lost my front wing twice and when I went to pits to get a new front wing, the engine blew up. But I didn't mind it, my race was already ruined. I also lost my brakes, that's why I went to the gravel.

But I don't mind the result, 19th, at least I got to race seriously. Absolutely loved the racing, the start of the race was the most exciting part. :)
I have not seen my box when I went into the pit. How is that possible?

I've never been in better shape and such unfortunate moments.:(
I lucky qualify for the G1. I started with 24 positions. Start was wild as ever. Damaged from behind, but continue the race, have a good hold and defend the position of 19, avoiding to hit the driver that turns on the track, I get hit again, and I manage to keep coming up to 13 positions. In round 18 I went to a pit and then shock. The driver in front of me suddenly braked and he certainly did not see the box (Joona Leppaenen), I will follow through the pit but nowhere can I see my box.:confused: On the mirror I see that my box appear and decide to come back in reverse, because I had no more fuel. Unfortunately I was disqualified and had a lot of hope that I will successfully complete race.

Something strange is going on that may not normally ride the race.
I guess I'll have more luck in the following races??
Will see.

ps. This is not good for my age, I would become a heart attack.:confused::sick:
Q1: Normal as usual, one fast lap then practicing for q2.
Q2: Start of the lap was decent, I was matching pole time after first sector then i had a bad mistake on the s2 chicane which i came out of sideways and there was my lap.
R: Going to the race I had already given up hope for podium and decided to just take it calm for the first laps and see how it goes. After couple of laps i managed to get some positions and i realized that i have pace for podium pretty easily. Had alot of great battles on the first stint(thanks to everyone involved, i had hell of a time! ;D). 2nd stint was all about catching Mo and Nilsen, I managed to catch em at the end of the stint. I saw Nilsen(i think) going for one extra lap to jump Mo but it backfired for him since he was stuck behind Petar who was on his outlap. after 2nd stop i managed to jump Nielsen and realized that i have alot better pace then Mo on the fresh tires and I got past him outside in the last chicane. After I got to 2nd it was just about getting the car to the finish. On last lap I checked whats the gap behind and saw on the corner of my eye that i am actually leading? (My face: http://i.imgur.com/R55mK.gif)

Really happy to finally get my first win here at FSR even though it was a bit of lucky that Petar had his problems with his brakes, but so did I in China. :p

Overall even if i had finished 4th or something i think that was the best race that ive been part of, pretty much non stop action and I enjoyed every bit of it! Thanks to everyone involved and see you in couple of weeks! ;)
Pb in Pre Q and got my second Grid1 race in a row :)

Q1 went not so well (25th). I wasn't worried about it, because I had not pace to challenge top 20 drivers.

I managed to drive first lap without problems and improved my position to 22th.
Soon I noticed that I have decent chance to get good result from here and tried to drive as
safe as possible to make sure that it's going to happen.
It wasn't easy, due to the my soft driving style tires were sometimes so cold that I made few small mistakes here and there. At some point I accidentally pressed pit limit button on the back straight, but luckily didn't lost any positions :laugh:

In the last stint I was 14th. Everything looks good, no threat, gap to behind over 10
sec. 5 laps before the end I had blue flags and it didn't went smoothly from my view. I
slowed too much, Eduard (15th) closed me quickly and later he had chance to get past me, but probably his brakes went out on the final lap.

First races have been very unlucky, but now I can smile. Hopefully more good races is
coming. See you all!
everyone were so close together here so i was hopeful of my race as i have been very solid all season but now when i had pace to fight for good positions i dropped the ball completely making all kinds of mistakes trough the race and ultimately getting car destroyed by unfortunate chain reaction that i viewed as no ones fault but well better luck next round
Q1: didn't get a good lap so started 16th
Race: gained 2 places by the end of the first lap, but on lap 2 yet again the lovely WT midfield yields another ramming and ended my race was ended as I was sent into the wall
Just came back from a holiday so I only had ~4 hours before the race to test, so I didn´t hope for much.

PQ: Really bad but enough, 16.4
Q1: Did what I could do in pratice prior to the event with a 16.0. As the field was so thight that meant P18 with ~2 tenths off Q2. Anyway, it was ok I was just worried I´d have a troublesome 1st lap in the midfield.

R: I almost missed the starting lights as the race went off literally seconds into getting in my box. I got a good start, got the inside into t1 and the whole complex gaining a few positions and somehow managed to get through with no contact (probably first ever in my career). I was driving with J. Kunkel most part of the first 10 laps, swapping positions couple of times I think. Then I got settled in and started putting in better laptimes and as P12 caught up with a 7 car train ahead of me. Someone ahead of me made a mistake and I tried to utilize that but he was doing some Schumacher-manouvers blocking my overtaking attemps - almost pushing me into the wall :/. Unfortunatily just before I caught up with the train - my computer decided to jump into desktop and I lost 5 positions and almost 10 seconds in the process. Afterwards on my first scheduled pit I missed my pitbox (it was the first box, FML) and luckily had just enough gas to get through another lap with slight lifting.

Then onwards my race was quite straight forward, best I could hope for was ~P11 and better if some people DNF'd. End of the race I lost 1 position eventho I tried to do my best to hold on. All in all P12 is ok with everything considered and I´m slightly gutted I could've fought for much better result without unnecessary issues.

Congrats to my mate Ville for his maiden victory, really good to see our team getting wins! :)
My Pre-Q was very good, managed to get on the Q1, but with practice time as was 1.15.5xx i thought i can be on Q2, but i did 1.15.9xx , then i started from 12th place
on Warm-Up thought, i was 3rd fastest time with very good pace... trying to get as much as i can!
My start was good, i avoided a dangerous accident on the front, i take 3-4 places, after a lot of fights, i couldnt finish due to damage, plus brake failure later...
now looking forward to be on top 10 for korea grand prix... i will try my best for Thunder Racing Team and delete all the failures and my two last bad gp's...

Congratz for my teammate Pambos, finished 2nd on Grid 2, and take valuable 8 points...
We will be stronger on Korea for sure

T. Eziroglou