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Race #02, Malaysia: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Mikko Puumalainen

    Mikko Puumalainen

    Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Morgan Morand

    Morgan Morand

    Haaa first reaction it's that i'm sorry for bono for contact in last lap.
    He brakes and turn very late during all the GP in the first tunr and during this lap he broke earlier where i expected he will give the inside. I know it's 100% my fault.
    Anyway good job Bono. it was a great race.
  3. patrick de wit

    patrick de wit

    man ow man what would have been a great weekend
    After a thrilling Q1 to make it into the top 10 on my last timed lap
    I came into Q2 which i did a not faultless lap but was pretty happy with the time and 6th on the grid was really pleased with it
    Then the start and i went from 6th to 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Then Tali overtook me he had a faster car then me so 5th and then trying to maintain this position
    Then the error came 1st pitstop was going really agressive into the pitlane but somehow i touched my limiter button twice i think and i overexceeded the pitlane speedlimit bah
    Then a 10 second stop go penalty and then my race on a good points finish was gone

    Trying to push as hard as i can overtook some cars and the last 2 laps i also noticed i had to little fuel some 2 ltrs too short.........
    13th in the end
    I am really dissapointed what might have been...........................

    see you in China
  4. Jim Parisis

    Jim Parisis

    "Q1: I had a good lap with clean air so I got myself into Q2.

    Q2: I wanted a clean lap first of all and in the end it was both clean and fast.
    Very happy about this 3rd place.

    R: I was very careful in first 2 laps, I lost 2-3 places I think, cause I had in mind that I want to finish in this race. I noticed in 2nd or 3rd lap that I had tyre wear from Q2, I didn't know that, so I had to be very gentle with tyres in whole first stint. De Wit made my life a lot harder but was nice to battle with him as always. After this I knew I could fight back the field and so I did, having hard fights and finally finished in 5th. Me and my teamate George made a nice job in testing, unfortunately working better only for me this time. Congrats to all who finished the race!"
  5. Gergo Baldi

    Gergo Baldi

  6. Morgan Morand

    Morgan Morand

    So the 2nd race weekend of 2012 FSR season arrived!
    Sepang, a track which i am not to happy about !

    I made one lap with Q1 setup. Which was 1.31.3, a good lap, enough to pass Q2.

    For the Q2 lap i waited a long time. I am very confident with the feeling of the car so i was calm.
    I went out my box. S1 and S2 perfect. In S3 i did not push maximum, no need to gain more time since allready provisional pole!
    After the lap was done - POLE POSITION - 2 pole positions in a row.. it is fantastic !

    Great start, with pretty good reaction time, I close the inside, Huis went on my outside.
    I had very poor grip during the 2 first corners so he overtook me.
    I tugged in behind him, staying in the slipstream, before the next corner i force him to block the inside
    so i could pass on the outside line with better braking, Bono felt for the trick, and it worked.

    During the first stint, all was ok.
    I went in pits, braked safely, and 7.5s duration for the stop! This allowed huis to pass me...
    In the 2 following laps, i tried to overtake Huis, with a little help of the traffic. It almost succeded!!
    After, He tried to push a lot with his agressive stint but i keept in control of the gap at a fair margin!

    Then the 2nd pitstop, which was 8.5s but the gap between me and bono was the same.
    Even with 1 lap less worth of fuel in the tank, Bono did not make the difference on laptimes
    and in the sametime i was able to maintain the gap, nursing my engine,
    to have enough power/enginelife for the last decisive stint!

    Huis pitted 2 laps before me. So i had an advantage of performance and tyres.
    I closed the gap quickly. But when i was within the 0.5s gap, dirty air hampered me.
    As an effect by this, in the hairpin in S2 i lost 0.3s each time...

    During the last 2 laps Bono.s calculation and tyre use were hurting him!
    I was very close. i could attack him. During the 6 laps behind bono. i saw he broke very smooth/earlie.
    So in T1 of last lap. i broke very hard and late to pass him. but it was not possible since Bono turned a little more directly on corner.
    A bit too optimistic, and it is 100% my fault the touch, i am not stupid and i have to blame myself. If i would have overtaken Bono, i would give the position back for sure!! ( like the incident with Poniatowski in Istanbul 2010 )

    Congrats to bono for his win !

    After all, P2 is not a bad result, we have reason for celebration!
    But surely we want to take many more victory.s during the 2012 season!
    We have the speed in Qualify sessions, and in the race - So its very satisfying to be in this position!

    I want to send a big applause to all the team for doing a great job
    ATR Management for being the best team once again!
    My teammates for fantastic support as well.
    Also im happy to see Lapchin showing what he is made of again!! Very good job by him with a P6.

    InsideSimRacing for marvelous support both in the show, and in other online medias!

    See you in China.
  7. Mikko Puumalainen

    Mikko Puumalainen

    From GPCOS:

  8. Fredrik Nilsson

    Fredrik Nilsson


  9. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    I'm very sad to read this Mikko, but I do understand completely. 4 years is a long time to compete and racking up 70 race starts is a milestone in itself. You're definitely one of the most respectable drivers in this league.

    Fingers crossed that life without FSR is too boring for you and we'll see you make a return on track before the year is out ;) Good luck!
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  10. Nick Rowland

    Nick Rowland

    Look forward to your return Mikko. You a credit to FSR and will be missed from the WC field.
  11. Dian Kostadinov

    Dian Kostadinov

    Q1: I did not test Q1 untill I got onto the FSR server as did not have time to test it, I managed a 31.9 which was okay for 12th place and good position considering the lack of Q1 testing for this track.
    Race: I had good race pace here so at the start I was carefull and lost some positions, I was 14th going into the second lap. I had some battles and made up places during the race with consistent clean driving and good overtaking. On lap 14 I made a pass on Saxen into the first corner which put me up to 5th place after others made their first pit stops. Mid part of the race I was still in 5th and had Parisis behind me pushing hard , I had to defend for many laps and I was able to keep Parisis behind, we both pitted on lap 29 but my pit crew was slow, this enabled Parisis to overtake me in the pits. After this my race was quite lonely, I lost more time in the pits and finished in 7th. I feel I could finish 5th or 6th with better pit stop times and better qualifying results but I am very happy to finish 7th, especially scoring my first points of the season at a track I don't like very much.
    Thanks to everyone in the GT Omega Racing team for our hard work, and congrats to my team mates who scored points at this event. China is another track I don't like but I will work hard with the team again to try get the best possible result.
  12. Yannick Lapchin

    Yannick Lapchin


    In qualification 1 it was quite good for me, and I could be quite early confident for me to pass. P4
    In qualification 2 I knew that I did a very good first sector, so good that I just tried to stay calm in the first corner of second sector, where I lost much much time because I braked too early and waited for the apex. Then I tried again to attack but made another mistake and lost time again. P7 in the end, not that bad for the quality of the lap.

    In race as usual I was not enough agressive in first corner, and I was stuck between 2 drivers around me. I came out in 9th place. Then it was a great battle all along the race, though we were not in the pace I was aiming to. Our strategy was to pit the latest possible, and it worked because in the end I could be the first of a big peloton, 6th. It was quite unexpectable for me, looking at the bad quality of my race (not consistent enough to claim for better, missing apex too many times and loosing places in battles like a newbie).

    Anyway I'm very happy for Morgan and the team !
  13. Atze Kerkhof

    Atze Kerkhof

    ah nvm, grats bono
  14. Peter Varga

    Peter Varga

    Qual: I was half a second slower than I planned.. no excuse.. I made a couple of mistakes every fast lap.. 21th... I was frustrated..

    Race: It was a hard race for me.. someway the car balance was not as good as during practices.. so I struggled a lot.. After the start I had bad luck.. Both in Corner 1 and 2 a car spin in front of me.. so I loose couple of position.. In the first half of the race.. I pushed hard and from 21th.. I was 13th... in the second part of the race it was boring for me.. no one was around me... only Patrick passed me.. so finally I was 14th.. This was my least favourite track.. I hope I can be better in china.. I'm really looking forward to it..