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R3E Time Trials | Procar @ Bathurst


I'm in the lead! :p

Wilko Jones

No changes to the setup. Just getting a few laps in before work.

RaceRoom Racing Experience 4_27_2021 9_40_17 AM.png

Now I have to tear the wheel stand down and put it away.

Something I have to remember, is to release the clutch before applying any throttle. If I'm already on the gas as I release the clutch, the transmission slips. This doesn't happen in another game that I play, so I have to unlearn that bad habit.

On top of that, aiming to be smooth rather than deliberate helped a ton. So much more places where I can improve, but plenty of time to do it... As long as I take advantage of that time.
When I saw that you posted a time, I had a premonition that it would be a 2:14 :roflmao: :thumbsup: :alien:
Well, my previous PB was 2.15:552 in the leaderboard last year so I had a low 2.15 laptime as target but I was surprised to see I was under the 2.15 barrier in only few laps. There were maybe some improvements to the car since october 2020?