R3E: Spectator & Broadcast Guide Released

Paul Jeffrey

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Sector 3 Studios have recently produced a step-by-step guide explaining how to join a Multiplayer race as spectator and make use of the recently introduced broadcast overlays for their premier 'Free to Play' Simulation RaceRoom Racing Experience.

This detailed guide will surely provide interesting reading to the ever increasing number of gamers who live-stream events direct from the heart of the action!

While the multiplayer functionally within RaceRoom is still in its early Alpha phase of development, Sector 3 Studios have created a suite of graphic options aimed at improving presentation of streamed and pre recorded race events to more closely match what one would expect professional televised real world motorsport coverage to look like.

Users of the broadcaster overlay have the options to include such vital on screen graphics as race positions and abbreviated name strings and logos as seen in a screen shot of the 2015 DTM Virtual Championship below.


The overlays use web technology and all graphic assets provided are fully modifiable. There are literally endless possibilities to implement your own ideas and sharing your creations amongst the community is encouraged!

The user can freely direct the action themselves, focusing on specific cars or particular battles, or alternatively you can can enable the Director Suggestions which will automatically cut to cars close to each other allowing the director to sit back and relax while the programm finds the closest on track action!

Step by step Spectator & Broadcast Guide can be viewed by clicking here.

This excellent addition to the RaceRoom Racing Experience Sim now has a more comprehensive support guide that will no doubt encourage all you virtual race directors to continue improving the quality of live streams across the web.

Please feel free to post any questions, and share any created widgets, in the R3E section on RaceDepartment.
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If they fix the FFB everyone is complaining about and make the MP features more robust, I think R3E is a solid title for official RD Leagues, right? :)

Brandon Wright

I may not be fast, but I'm wide!
The FFB is fixed.
Just shut off all the canned effects, and it works quite nicely.
Even with the canned effects off I still get the boat feeling. It's not as pronounced, but it's still there and in cars with older physics it's still very obvious. Really hoping the upcoming update fixes it as they have suggested it will. :thumbsup:


The FFB is fixed.
Just shut off all the canned effects, and it works quite nicely.
See, I find R3E perfectly ok too in terms of FFB, but you only get to run Leagues if there are enough people who think so. Clearly that is not the case yet.
As immediately has been illustrated by the next reply here. :)
There's no 'I' in 'League', you know.


Read this article last night and followed the link which had one of the TCOne races. Ended up watching all of the races on youtube, some good entertaining races.


FFB is pretty good on some of the cars. It's damn near perfect on the WWTC 2014 and even the DTM 2014 is pretty good too. But some cars still has a bit of "swaying" feeling I admit, but not as bad as day one. FFB fix is coming, just be patient. Other sims are missing some much needing things in the game and taking long to address their issues too, it's just unfortunate it has to be R3E's FFB that is taking a while. But like I said, some of the good cars are very much drivable, fun, and challenging.

Thank you Paul for the good news! This will open some doors to some serious MP leagues and clubs for sure
I run DTM2014 and WTCC2014 on Fanatec wheel, default FFB a bit reduced strength and it is in my view the best FFB in a sim ever, as in most realistic. It's better than rF2 and miles ahead of AC (AC has nice braking effects though). Make sure to use the setting for mixing in steering rack effects however. That makes a world of difference.
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