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Paul Jeffrey

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R3E Porsche 911 Career 964 2.jpg

Sector3 Studios have confirmed the stunning Porsche 911 Carrera 964 will be arriving in RaceRoom Racing Experience very soon indeed.

Having secured a licencing agreement with the historic German brand last year, Sector3 Studios have slowly but surely been drip feeding some of the most iconic models from the marque into the sim over the last few months, and with at least three additional cars still to materialise, the Swedish developers have confirmed one with be the classic 911 Carrera (964)!

R3E Porsche 911 Career 964 4.jpg

Having been very much in the thick of things during the early 1990's, the 964 is a race proven thoroughbred motorsport icon, one of the most popular and engaging cars of a long line of iconic racing machines from the Stuttgart marque.

Having spent five years as the car of choice for the Porsche Carrera Cup between 1990 and 1994, this is a very significant motor from the brand, and it is certainly pleasing to see it head to RaceRoom Racing Experience as a new DLC in the near future.

R3E Porsche 911 Career 964 1.jpg

The car will be included as part of the upcoming big patch update, and is set to contain 25 unique race liveries from throughout the history of the category.

Exact release date and price have yet to be revealed, so stay tuned to find out over the coming days...

R3E Porsche 911 Career 964 3.jpg

RaceRoom Racing Experience is available as a 'free to play' PC exclusive racing simulation.

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I agree that the damage model needs work (but I think based on experience they are developing it further without mentioning it in their release notes). If your main priority is graphics, rain, night, weather transitions and shiny special effects, look elsewhere. If you desire a fantastic single player experience, R3E is tops with AMS, the AI is stellar in both of these games, far beyond others (IMHO). RF2 is a close third (used to be first, but AMS and R3E are now better in my experience). I have all the usual suspects (AC, ACC, R3E, RF2, PC2, AMS). I usually switch between AC, RF2, R3E, AMS (sometimes PC2) based on the car/track combo I want to drive.
Tbh, I couldn't care less for the graphics of the game if they do the job and if the performance is good enough. I still play AMS on a regular base and the experience is still sensational with a deep driving experience, decent offline possibilities and consistent quality content across all different kinds of motorsport througout the decades, and all over the world. It simply feels dynamic and organic wich is pretty nice. The last time I played R3E it felt ok too, but AI was a big problem and I simply miss alot of the stuff that I like in AMS and rF2. If Sector 3 produced some decent period tracks for the historic content I would propably buy some stuff though. Or they atleast should give some of the tracks a historic face lift. Looking at the schedule for the 93 season, there were some nice tracks on the calendar. Old Spa with old Busstop, Hockenheim with the long straights or historic Imola are just a few examples. Knowing the track artists from S3, they could pull that off easily.


I just hope it doesn't have those annoying, and unrealistic flashing headlights. That takes so much away from the immersion factor as it is currently programed in the sim. If it is included, I'm hoping that it is an option for all the cars in the sim with an On/ Off option.
I used to believe the ai in RaceRoom was good but was let down when i discovered the ai have their own physics. Making passes in places where they should never be able to but do somehow. rF2 and AMS ai is better in that regard, no matter how fast you set them they will never be able to make a pass in certain spots on any track making the races feel more believable. In RaceRoom the ai is just unrealistically fast in certain parts of a track but to balance out the actual lap times they'll be ridiculously slow in others.

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DirtT Tuned Motorsports
Graphics and AI are the least of there problems as they hold up compared to other titles, where they really lack features are the tire model, track tech, damage model, time of day and dedicated servers.....not to mention dx9 holding back vr performance.
Once they address those areas, I'll be more excited about purchasing future dlc content.


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When I heard Porsche coming to R3E I wasn't expecting it to be primarily 911 variations, although I have to say it has been enjoyable so far.
More interested in tracks. Loving R3E since the long waited AI multi class was introduced. The only thing (which probably won't happen) now is proper offline mode. Plus I just bought everything with Premium or whatever so would rather feel smug than see content I don't own! ^o^