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May 3, 2014
Hey guys!

I'm looking at getting some club races organised for the Australians & New Zealanders amongst us and wanted to get a feel for how many of you would be up for it? This is not just for the AU/NZ crowd, of course anyone from RD can join in if the time suits.

The races would generally be around 20:00 AEST (10:00 GMT) on a Sunday night and the whole event should last between around 1 hour. Team Speak will be mandatory as this creates a friendly atmosphere so we can get to know each other.

If this is something that would interest you then please post below and say g'day!
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Oct 26, 2010
Only just seen this now!

I'm interested in this, but Sunday nights don't currently work for me. :(

Hopefully more of the Aussie AC club look into online racing in R3E, as my experience with the European clubs has been pretty fun so far (and surprisingly stable!) and some of the content really is great, modern DTM and WTCC especially are my favourites. :)

But the time difference means I can only race those club races occasionally as you'd expect.

R3E has one of my favourite versions of Bathurst so racing there would be a great way to introduce some races for the Aussie crowd. Hopefully something can be arranged here in the near future. :)

If finding an Aussie server is an issue, I'd actually try racing on the RD European servers and seeing how that is like. Due to the P2P proximity system it might actually be pretty good online, so it's worth a test at least.
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