Released R1-CIRCUIT 1.0 for GTR2

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  1. rainer61


    Hello all!

    This is my first track at all. It's a fantasy track for GTR2 and the location is somewhere in the
    green outskirts of a bigger city. I hope that the track can give you a good
    race. There is still alot to learn for me, so the course doesn't have rainreflections at the moment
    and later I would also like to add shadowobjects to the pits and soundobjects to the mainstraight.
    There are black flickering spots on some parts of the track if you drive with headlights on.
    But I am happy with the results and I have to say thanks to many people.

    This Track was built with "Bobs Track Builder" by Brendon Pywell.
    Thanks to him for this great software.

    I used textures and objects from the following sources:

    Games, some textures modified by me.
    Thanks to Simbin
    GTR2 by Simbin
    GTL by Simbin
    Race07 by Simbin

    Xpacks from or BTB's homepage
    Thank you all!
    "Default" BTB
    "1024 Road Dark" by ennisfargis
    "Ennis_Objects_01" by ennisfargis
    "rulers" by ennisfargis
    "N_L_Pack" by Nuno Lourenco
    "Smes Pack" by CidJc
    "advertbridges" by carTOON
    "startpole_polesigns" by carTOON
    "tvcrews" by carTOON
    "marshallSTUFF" by carTOON
    "Basic_City_XPACK_01" by Dosgraphix
    "Crowds" by R Soul
    "Chainfence" by R Soul
    "Cars for Scale" R Soul
    "Treelines" by R Soul
    "Longford 67 Houses" by Hompe, Woochoo, Gustaf Reutersward
    "tvguy" by elgh33
    "RFactor Grandstands" by Banger
    "Trackside_Objects" by several
    "Tree Collection" by Bob Pritchard
    "Vegetation" by Kytt
    "Industrial Buildings" by Mauro Torena
    "Default with startlights for EVO" by CreamK
    "Racetrucks" by KieferDJW feat. SimBim Racetrucks

    Additional programms, thanks!
    AIW Repair-utility 1.0 by petrs73 and dhaman
    Autosim Circuit Layout Generator 1.33 by Alex Zhdankin

    Additional textures, thanks!

    Many thanks to the community for giving a good read and lots of information.



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  2. Barbje_Keller


    really nice, and height detalization, only what I saw in pictures some trees too light and too much seen mirror on it ...