R.I.P Robert Enke

Kevin Ascher

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Jun 27, 2007
Robert Enke, Goalkeeper of the German international team has died today at the age of only 32. He had a wife, called Teresa. Their daughter had died in 2006 at the age of 2.
R.I.P Robert

Bram Hengeveld

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Dec 26, 2006
:no: what happened? :rip:

Didn't know about his personal loss in 2006, what hell his wife must go through now :(

Maurice Hurkmans

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Dec 27, 2006
:no: what happened? :rip:
On 10 November 2009 Enke died in a train incident in Neustadt am Rübenberge.German website Morgenpost Online have quoted a spokesperson from the Hannover police as saying: "Enke has thrown himself under a train at Neustadt am Rübenberge".Enke's friend and advisor, Jörg Neblung, confirmed his death as a suicide to the DPA.

Source: wikipedia

RIP Robert :( what a sad story....

Ryan Callan

Sep 30, 2008
:( Robert, and all my sympathies to his family. I remember him at Barcelona. Was a very decent keeper. Such a shame.

Kevin Ascher

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Jun 27, 2007
He was such a nice person, one of the kindest professional football players I've ever seen.
He's had problems with depressions for several years, especially after his bad years at Barcelona and Istanbul.
At a press conference, his wife said he always has been afraid of being not good enough, the only thing he had in mind was football.
His condition seemed to get better during this year, when he and his wife adopted a girl, called Leila.
But in the last weeks he suffered from a viral infection and his fear, of being not good enough, returned. Everyone thought things would get better now after he participated in 2 Bundesliga matches again, the last one on last Sunday.
In his last letter he apologizes to everyone he deceived in the last days, hiding the plan of his suicide.
He has been afraid of going into stationary medication, which doctors wanted him to go into till his last days because he thought his daughter could be taken away from him if people found out how bad his condition was.

Derek Day

Nov 8, 2009
That is an extremely tragic and saddening situation for any family, public figure or citizen of any nation. My deepest condolence to all the families and friends who have to cope with the unexpected loss of loved ones.