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R&D time target and Qualifying Target

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by DikiDino, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. DikiDino


    Under Expert difficulty, anyone find it very difficult to achieve the target thats set by the team?

    I'm often struggling to met the R&D target time which is still managable. However, during qualifying, it is definitely not a piece of cake to meet the target position.

    Of cause, it is good but i find that the handling of the car or the car just simply doesn't really allow me to reach the target.

    I have over 500+ hour in F1 2010 that is purely only on Career mode. I've change the setting of the car so i can floor the throttle as much as i can without much wheelspin.

    However, during race. It is all in line and managable. I can often meet the team target during race but is struggling to meet the Qualifying as well as sometimes the R&D.

    All these got worst when the weather is wet. LOL.

    I love the new changes but it is indeed very challenging to a point it almost break me.

    So far only tried Force India and Lotus. FI target is quite ridiculous. LOL
  2. bud7h7


    I found that to be the case when I started a carreer with Williams. Decided to start over with Virgin and now the objectives are indeed more reasonable. I haven't tested to see if the team actually makes a difference but it did in this case.

    Ah yes. I have started throwing my controller against the wall once again.

    I haven't done that for years.
  3. John Robertson

    John Robertson

    forget making good times in the rain. it's impossible:

    Malaysia practice is clear, qualifying and race are both heavy rain. I set a 1:32 for the top practice time on Legendary, 2nd place was a 1:34 something.

    In the very wet qualification the top tier teams were less than a second off their fastest practice times. Absolutely absurd. as a dry line started to form (it was still raining) towards the end of practice I managed a 1:39 in the wet. Button made pole on a low 1:35

    however in the race I started 16th and finished 2nd on a 3 lap race, AI legendary, no assits, friggin monsoon weather.