F1 2013 R&D as Number 1 Driver

F1 2013 The Game (Codemasters)
This may have been discussed, but I'm in my third season now with Red Bull. On legend and 100%, I've managed to win 7 straight, along with 9 straight poles. The Red Bull is probably a little overpowered, but I want to stick it out for one more season with them to see just how many I can win in a row. After Singapore the engineer asks you if you want to continue development on this year's car, or next year's. I selected next year's, and haven't made it to the end. Does this actually work? In what way will I see the results, by having like two or three upgrades to start next season? I haven't been number 1 before, and never faced this decision. Thanks.
P.S. If you have done the math, I missed out on Monaco :( I'm not that good there.

Ken Hughes

Technically, alcohol IS a solution.
From what I've seen, all it does is stop development for the current season. You seems start from scratch when you go to the next season (which really is the same season all over again).

I'm with you on Monaco - I consider it a win if I finish the race!
Does R&D improve the car performance over the season, I just done a season in force India, as two driver, and didn't real use you could do R&D ,