Quiksilver Skippy request

Will Marquez

For some reason I'm having a tough time getting Photoshop to work on my PC and was wondering if someone would be willing to help me out to get a Skippy custom skin made. Just something really simple. Maybe even put the Race Department logo if possible too. :) As for the quiksilver logo, just looking to get the logo and "Quiksilver" on the car. Just like on the picture that I've attached.

If anyone had time to make a skin that would be great. Thx :)


Mark A Warmington

I don't have your vehicle ID, so I have uploaded the WIP paintscheme under mine. I don't have the Jetta, so you'll have to download it into iRacing and see what it actually looks like on the car. If you send me pictures or a vid of what it looks like I can then tweak.

NB - sorry, didn't do a Skippy as it took me forever to find the Quiksilver logo and I needed to practice on an easier car to paint first.

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