Quickest way to contact reiza support? (Steam upgrade)

Jan 3, 2016
I'm super-excited about Automobilista and I'm trying to upgrade SCE to Steam by Jan 5 so that I'm eligible for it. However since I apparently paid using Bluesnap I have to contact Reiza directly to get the Steam key. I've emailed them a couple of times and haven't heard anything; does anybody have any suggestions for other channels that I can reach them on? I don't want to miss the deadline!

Jan Mikuž

Nov 21, 2013
I'm sure everyone who happens to miss the date, but can prove that he/she purchased SCE before Jan 5th, will be fine and tolerated. I think Renato himself stated this in the Automobilista announcement thread.

Renato Simioni

Reiza Studios
Jan 6, 2010
Yes we assure everyone will get a reply over the next 24h. If for any reason your email doesnt come through either way don´t worry, if you own SCE you can be sure we can verify it so you get AMS even if for some reason you don´t make it by the 5th.
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