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Quick question for modders...(hopefully you can help)

I have recently (4 days) moved from PC2 on PS4 to Assetto Corsa on PC and already loving it. Got it pretty much modded up with Sol and Content Manager, Crew Chief and a whole host of great mod tracks and cars however one part of the game is bugging my OCD and that is the start lights for races. They now, with all the quality around them just look dated. I have therefore found the "off.png" that is used by the game for the starting grid lights and created my own in PS. However when they light up red one at a time it would appear that because of the original png (white in colour) is still used and code is used to amend the RGB and exposure/saturation to pretty much pure red so my new starting light model just becomes a big red mess off 100% opacity nastiness instead of glowing red how I would like it too..... Long winded but here is the question...does anyone know how or if this can be rectified/modded I have looked through all the .ini files for a reference looking for where the game may set this value so I can reduce its effect. Any help would be appreciated and If I can get it to a point where I am happy with the result I will be happy to share as a mod for other to enjoy. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Mr C. Stay Happy n Drive Safe.


You are not alone in being disappointed by the appearance of the start lights in AC. I too made my own textures to replace the stock ones, but was unable to find a way to replace them in-game :(

I haven't looked into this in quite a while, but still hope that someone, somewhere can help fix this last flaw in AC's appearance.