HTC Vive

Quick drifting question?

Mar 15, 2020
Hi. So i recently started practicing drifting in the game and im loving it. However, i seem to have a problem that i dont know how to fix, and i can't find the solution anywhere. I am pretty decent at drifting through small corners and keeping it going when changing direction frequently, but i am struggling very hard on keeping a drift going in bigger turns. So basically the thing that happens is that i engage the drift with a clutch kick, but the throttle does not want to respond quick enough for me to keep the drift going. I have tried using the clutch aswell in the middle of it, but it just does not respond before after ive lost the drift. Again im pretty new to this so if theres some dumb thing im missing, or theres an underlying equipment or setting im missing, please tell me. Kind regards- Faceless.

TL;DR: Im using a Logitech g27 on a really good pc. The wheel is working very well and is in good condition.