Questions on usage of the AC app:Telemetry–Corners Performance Analysis

Could someone comment on their usage of the Corners Performance app?
I can not get a response from the Author:vyacheslav.potapenko
I assume at time one hits the brake the app captures entry speed and start point for the brake distance and when the brake is completely released the final brake distance is posted.
The column labeled Apex is just the lowest speed in the corner which might not be the physical apex of the corner but is a good number to post.

1. But when does the app decided to capture the the exit speed?

2. Is there any scale for the bar (red or green) at the bottom of the graphic?

3. Is there any way to save the data per for the last lap without having to stop the car before the finish line and screen capture the corner performance table?

4. Any way to capture non braking corners, s curves, or throttle steer corners other that tapping the break each time?

5. Finally a question about the Delta column: Is this with respect to the last lap or the 1st lap or best lap?

Thanks for any info

To download this app:–-corners-performance-analysis.1394/

For people that dont know about this app,
example table corner performance app.jpg

below is some help text and an image

This app shows:
  • Corner number
  • Entry - speed before starting to brake into corner
  • Apex - the lowest speed around corner
  • Exit - speed when you pass the corner
  • Dist – distance in meters during active braking
  • Delta - amount of time gained or lost in corner
Graphical indicators:
  • Rear tires locking flag (yellow, orange, red)
  • Front tires locking flag (yellow, orange, red)
  • Red/Green line - total gap to best line

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