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questions and comments about tires pressure, temp and telemetry

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by nounoubleu, May 11, 2015.

  1. nounoubleu


    After I could sort FFB for my G27, I had lots of fun yesterday evening with GT3 but I have few questions and comments about tires, temperatures and telemetry:
    1) I'd like to know if there is a way or any misc to check tires pressure and telemetry information when I'm in the pit. In actual life I never had a look on tire temp while driving but in pit.
    2) I run yesterday online race in Nubur by night. I don't know if it was due to outside temp or my driving; probably both but tires stayed in blue range = cold.
    I clearly felt I was driving on ice
    So, this part is well done.
    I should have chosen "soft tires" (even if they don't exist in real life since most of GT3 championships have single manufacturer who want only sell tires and not make their own business complicated)
    => What is temp using range for diff types of GT3 tires?

    I worked for some years in Motorsport Dept of a well known tires manufacturer and I'm bit skilled in GT tires.

    1) Tires pressures don't look to be realistic.
    Default cold tires temp shown in game are 2.1 front / 1.8 rear.
    In real life cold temp is around 1.3-1.4 front and 1.2-.13 rear. Usually target is 1.9-2.0 hot.
    I can't check hot temp in this game (see question above) but I assume they don't raise 2.8-3.0 as It should be if it was following physical rules.
    On the other hand I tested rapidly with lower pressure around 1,5b and I could improve my lap times. I also felt car handling was more natural.
    I don't know if it was due to better pressure , placebo effect of just game learning.
    I must test it again.

    2) Tires temp gap don't look to be realistic neither.
    With more than 3° camber, I noticed there is almost no gap between outside and inside, whatever the track, conditions or driving style.
    Actually, with such camber, we should have at least 10°C .
    Temps should also move a lot more depending on the stress.
    Here they stay really stable.
    I will test with higher camber value.
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  2. neuer31


    I heard that with The camber in the Forums aswell

    Okay what i raced sofar (i have this game since 2011) in the GT3s are following values:
    Day: 1.85 front - 1.80 rear
    Night: 1.70 front - 1.65 rear

    Camber: -3.0 Front, -1.9 Rear (in the Merc -1.5)

    So i always stay above 80°C and below 110°C - mostly around 90 - 100°C
    Note: All tire pressure values can be +-3% because of track characteristic (ie. Monza vs Oschersleben)

    Could you plz post your findings / opinion somewhere here?
    So the devs see them much better :D
  3. Chadd


    I don't think this is really related to the subject but I didn't want to start a new thread about it. Regarding tire pressure...is there anyway to set it to psi instead of bar? I live in the United States so I don't have any clue what pressure bar is and the spring pressure at nm etc. I have the setting for mph set to imperial, but it only does mph instead kph. Am I missing something in game that I need to change? Thanks
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  4. nounoubleu


    Thank you for your answer. I'll have a look on this forum.
  5. nounoubleu


    I don't know if it's possible.
    Anyway pressures are wrong, at least for GT3.
    Actually if you take PCars pressure in bar and you simply consider x10 conversion rate, you have more realistic value:
    Correct cold pressure for GT should be 1.4 => PSI 20.3
    Shown pressure in bars in PCars: 2.10
    => Not so far, isn't it?
  6. neuer31


    Im no engineer - and as youre the specialist you should know it :D
    You must also see those are default setup. Theyre here to provide good stability so if you do a quick race and have setup that you stay on track. Especially the guys with controllers. As said the racing setups i use (and im quit fast in my league) have between 1.6 and 1.9 bar (track and condition dependent!).
    The guys (/devs) in the forum can help you much better. Im just a guy that races and knows some things because i was helping at Q&A of the game (as a normal backer! Not as a job).
    The actual problem with going at 1.4 is that the tires are overheating in PCARS:
  7. Peter Klawitter

    Peter Klawitter
    RaceDepartment Business Director Staff

    does anyone have precise info on GT3 vehicles? (can't find anything at all...benchmarks at all?)
    - Soft compound temps? optimal and max?
    - Medium compound temps? optimal and max?
    - Hard compound temps? optimal and max?
    - Brake temps? optimal and max?
    - Oil temps? optimal and max?
    - Water temps? optimal and max?
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