F1 2019 Questions about the career and mods

F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)


Thinking abt getting F19. Only really money that matters for if/when, so jsyk my questions aren't deal breakers. Just curious.
1 - I don't have a wheel, only a gamepad/Xbone controller. Is this going to be too much of a hinderance?
2 - Can you 'talk' to your crew chief/pit wall like, say, GRID Autosport? I.e. can you ask about certain key pieces of information?
3 - So, I know the career starts by putting you & the two F2 drivers in the cutscenes in F1. This puts 3 drivers in this season irl out of F1. Drivers also move around.
- a) do the cutscenes/interactions between you and the other two continue in F1?
- b) are there only the current F1 drivers and you three newbies in the driver database?
4 - In terms of mechanical mods, are there mods for, or based on previous games is there possibility for:
- Team switches?
- More drivers that could drive in F1?
- Extra tracks to add to/replace the current calendar races? Any other specification/rule changes?
As I said, if the game isn't, in the case of my questions, that random/flexible, it won't put me off getting the game, just want to know.
1. People plays good even with keyboard (like me) and even in multiplayer, so controller it's not problem. Most of the audience plays on consoles with gamepads, so it's thing for which the game is designed.
3.a) No any another cutscenes after F2, but the journalist asks the same questions about fantasy drivers after each quali and race, and you can only praise them in the interviews. It's most annoying thing in all F1 games ever, so i recommend skip F2 and play only with default drivers. Don't miss the little button about skipping, when game gives choice of F2 team.
b)Yes, but they continuously mixed by transfers. By the 4-5 season, no one will remain in their original teams
4. Teams switches - i'm not understand what is it.
Only technical upgrades and continuous change of team power balances. Each 1-3 seasons some of upgrades reset, it's like change of technical regulations.
More drivers and tracks not possible by mods.