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Questions about pit stops

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jeremy Paterson, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Jeremy Paterson

    Jeremy Paterson

    I'm still getting used to the game... trying my best to improve at pitting. Here are a couple things I've noticed and have questions with.
    1. I have a difficult time stopping in the right spot unless I go really slow (and lose precious seconds.) The reason is because of the way that arrow "floats" above the ground. If there were a mark actually on the ground it would be much easier to see where to stop. Is there a setting or a mod to help with this? Maybe there's some other marker that I just don't know about. That floating arrow just messes me up.
    2. While playing with AI, I've noticed that the cars go into a "ghost" type of mode in the pit where you can clip through them, I'm guessing to prevent collisions. Is it like this in online races too?
    3. How do you know what the speed limit is when entering the pit? Once you're there, the limiter will keep you from speeding, but you can still get a penalty if you are going too fast when you enter the lane.
    4. I know that the pit stop goes faster of you request it before pitting. Does it make a difference if you request it earlier in the lap instead of a few seconds before you get there?
    5. If you request a pit stop but don't pit, does it affect you in any way? (assuming you don't go over the pit window.)
    6. Are there any other tips on choosing what to have done on the pit stop? I read somewhere that it's better to fuel up enough for the entire race and not get fuel during the pit stop because the extra time in the pit for fuel won't make up for the extra speed you gain from carrying less. What about things like repairing damage? How do you know if it's worth the extra pit time to get something fixed?
    Thanks ahead of time on help with any of these questions!
  2. Simon Gardner

    Simon Gardner

    1.No mod that I'm aware of, just something that needs to be practiced - you could always use auto pit if its a real problem.

    2.Yes online is the same.

    3. Pit lane speed is 37 mph/ 60 kph on all standard tracks but varies on some modded tracks. Again do a practice stop in quali or warm up to work out where the limit starts.

    4.When you request a stop as long as there is enough time for the game to confirm before you reach enter the pitlane you won't get the delay.

    5.You can press the request button at anytime and it won't affect anything.

    6.In short races its not really worth repairing any damage. For fuel its better to just fill enough for the entire race -most people online do this so will be in the same boat.
  3. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson

    for hitting your mark in the pits.

    Somwtimes there is a clearly marked area for you to target. Some there are not. PRactice using the "range counter" to hit your mark. ie. brake at 25 ft or 15 ft depending on grip levels of the surface, tire condition and car type.
  4. Jeremy Paterson

    Jeremy Paterson

    Thanks for the answers and tips!
    Headed out to practice now...
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