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    Question 1: Why when I choose to do a full race distance(100%), the laps are around 45, so why in the setup it only gives me fuel for 31 laps?

    Question 2: Are the full lap distance races accurate to those in real life?. If not, then can someone give me the details as to how many laps there are in real life races at each circuit.

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    Timescaling is in effect I think 40 minutes or so, it doesn't go distance but time to make sure you have the same amount of racing on every track.
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    The real races are set to time - always 1 hour + 1 lap.

    In the sim the total laps in a 100% race should roughly match a 1h race distance anyway, if it doesn´t we might need to correct it. Could you tell which track was that?
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    Hello Reiza,

    Thanks for the information, very helpful. I've not really started a championship as of yet and only been refining my setups for different tracks.
    The track in question is Tarumã. I always set the race distance in the settings as 100% track default, which includes laps set at 45.

    In the race, I had reached lap 22-23 when I had to pit because my front tyres were worn out, however when I pitted, there was no option to fill the fuel tank and subsequently on the outlap, my fuel ran out and had to retire.
    In the garage settings, the total amount of fuel I was allowed is 31 laps. It was strange that even though my fuel level was set at that amount, when I pitted, it strangely emptied my fuel tank when I exited the pits and that's why on the out lap I had to retire because the fuel ran out.

    Again, thanks for the info, but i'm still confused as to how to set the race distance in order for the races to be full distance.

    I have a couple of other questions...

    Firstly, I assume there is a pit lane speed limit, but even though I have set my pit limiter, it doesn't work in the sim, is this because the real life trucks have no limiter?

    Secondly, I have been told that the real life championship has no pit stops, so with this said, can you explain why (if we choose full race distances) that a pit stop at some tracks have to be made because the tyres are completely worn out as I had said before?

    If you could clarify all the points and questions I have, I would appreciate it very much.
    It obviously would make the sim more playable from my point of view anyway!.

    By the way, this sim is probably the best sim I have played in terms of fun, excitement and strategy!...SIMPLY AMAZING!!!

    Keep up the excellent work Reiza!

    Regards, Phil.
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