Question regarding best GPU Monitor combo.

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  1. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Thought this would be an excellent place to ask this question as there seems to be so many varying opinions on the web on what's best.

    I have the option to add to a new system I'm building, but due to space limitations and only capable of connecting a single screen, I wanted to gauge the opinions of the good people here on RD.

    So my question is, what would be a better combo of GPU/Monitor if shall we say every graphical setting was turned up to maximum in games in general.

    2560x1440 60hz monitor with an r9 290x pushing it, given the extra ram on board for the higher resolution


    1920x1080 144hz monitor with a GTX 780ti less onboard ram for the lower resolution

    Is the 144hz preferred over the extra real estate you get on a higher res screen, that in theory would run at a lower refresh rate due to the extra work needed from the gpu?

    Many thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  2. CC


    Not really sure about 2560 ,290x , I have seen too many videos on youtube and if you are not watercooling the 290x it sounds like a turbine the noise is unbearable ,
    I would go with the GTX780Ti all day long my 780SC runs like a dream and the cards GPU Temp is always really low I never can hear the thing running,
    I have just been doing benhmarks on 3DMark11 and I am so close to getting into the Top100 of the Hall of Fame in the Performance Tests,
    But I am now in 24th on the Hall of Fame on the entry tests:)
    Infront of loads of GTX780Ti and Titans along with a couple of 290x cards, And all valid tests have to be run on stock test settings on 3Dmark, The 290x will be a good card once watercooled maybe but way too noisy at the minute the stock cards are anyway build the GTX780Ti :thumbsup:
  3. FerrariMan96


    I wouldn't worry about graphics cards not being able to handle 1440p. My iMac that I use has a 1440p screen and it uses an AMD 6770M graphics card, with only 512MB of VRAM. Sure it doesn't perform too well on new games, but it's playable, and on less taxing sims graphics-wise (I.e. GMotor 2 sims) it can run on very high settings (I don't think I'm running full but I'm getting extremely good FPS so maybe it could).