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Question on modding

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by klvru, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. klvru



    I'm new to modding and I would really to do a few cars that I adore for AC. Just wondering what sort of program do you guys use to create the model? Is SketchUp good enough or I would need AutoCad or sth else? Besides that, I'm also worry about the physics of it :(
  2. nothke


    Assetto Corsa will support .FBX files, so basically you could model in any program..

    Assuming that you don't know a lot about modelling, I'd recommend you to learn about it first =) The type of modelling used for games is mostly "mesh" (aka "polygon") modeling and some of the best programs for it are 3ds Max, Maya (XSI Softimage, heard about it but didn't try). I use 3ds Max for modelling almost everything. It is one of the best all-round programs (although expensive). AutoCad works on a "mathematical" (aka CAD) level on the principle of primitives and uses NURMS (also similar to Rhino). In short, the difference between mesh and NURMS is that NURMS approximates curved surfaces and is not suitable for real time rendering, while game engines work using polygons which prove fast and are easy to map. Converting CAD files to meshes, which can only be used in game, is very complicated, so you should avoid CAD programs for games.

    Another thing is "mapping". Mapping is applying a texture to the model. The techniques for mapping differ from program to program.

    Sketchup is free, but it is not really for complex stuff cause when you add up lots of objects, everything gets confusing and eventually impossible, it also lacks good mapping tools. The only thing that I use Sketchup for is importing terrain from Google Earth, it's quite useful.

    Check out car modelling tutorials on the internet, there's tonnes of it!