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F1 2020 Question about setup sliders. They seem reversed.

F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)
Hello, first post here.
New to the sim scene, not counting the days when I was a kid and fiddled with the settings on Gran Turismo 1 for days. Still now most of the original tracks by heart :).
So I m not new to the whole set your car up thingies and understand the concept behind them fairly well. On a basic level nevertheless.
Been playing F1 2020 on a friend s Xbox s for a couple of days now. Nice game but one thing is bugging the hell out of me.
1. In what direction do you have to move the slider to get toe in...or toe out for that matter. For toe in, logic would dictate in the direction with the positive angles but I have a feeling that they are reversed somehow. Am I right?
And anyways You don t have negative numbers for toe setup.

2. In the description for toe settings for F2 cars it says something in the lines of "the rear wheels of an f2 car are usually setup with toe out for stability etc. "
Really? I thought you almost never set toe out on the rear for rwd cars as it makes the car undriveable. On FWD cars it helps with the understeer.
So what s up with this?

3. Finally. All of the settings don't seem to make much sense to me.
Out of curiosity I've copied some settings of the top players in time trial and they all had the rear suspension stiff along with the rear sway bar...and it kinda worked....but I really can t understand how so much oversteer helps the car. I m talking about the f2 cars here.
Played some asetto Corsa the other day, and there when you stiffen things in the rear end it s really hard to control the car on corner exit.
Thanks a bunch.


Modular Mods Creator
My thoughts would be: Most people don't care about F2, especially not setups.
I just use the setups from F1 2019 from another website and call it a day. Or I just use the F1 setups, if I am lazy.

Remember this is a game made for controllers, not reality. So the game itself is set up to force understeed by default, especially the higher the speed.
well damn...alright. though I like F2, and i thought to start from the beginning with the less powerful cars.
So I should expect the F1 settings to be more realistic then? :) I'ff have to check if the toe in out settings are as vague as the F2 though.
And I beg to differ I played asetto corsa with a controller and it works about the same as the F1 game...I don't think i'll ever be as good without a wheel but you can do stuff if you are careful with your inputs on the controller.
thanks for the answer

Dale Kay

goguvarra, you are right-ish. More than 99% of all cars use ackermann steering geometry. The exceptions are formula and some prototype race cars. They use a different suspension configuration so they use anti-ackermann steering. This means that your toe settings will be reversed. Toe-in on the front and toe-out on the back. But you are right that every other car uses toe out on front and toe in at the back. For more info google ackermann steering geometry and anti-ackermann.