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question about rfe plugin and a.i

hello i pretend to use rfactor for offline races agaist the a.i with rfe plugin..the plugin works great i am doing some testing but when start to rain 20 to 50 % track wet the a.i dont come to the pits to change tyres and they start to spinning out ,i am testing with rfe mods and tracks of course....this is normal ?has anybody see the a.i come to boxes to put wet or intermidium tyres
or maybe forget and do normal dry races
I have been trying for about a month to get the AI cars to display the WET tyres... in the end I made a seperate .tbc for the ai, gave the DRY compound they use WET grip properties.... they don't spin out but they don't come in for wets either, and I still can't get them to display wets. Will try .svm setup next..?
its a a good idea , it sucks rfe plugin is not made for offline,i giveup and race on dry but sometimes i config the rfe to rain no more than a 10 15 % just to make things intersting.....

thx for reply now i know im not alone lol
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