question about my graphics card?

im interested in useing iRacing, i think i have everything i need to get started im just not sure if my graphics card is good enough to run iracing, i have a dell demension 5000 with a Radeon X300 graphics card, could anyone tell me if this will do the job or will i need to upgrade it? thanx
thanx, id say i have a medium budget, i would like to be able to run other racing tittles like Rfactor 1/2 etc aswell, ive been shopping around a little and ive found this, Graphics : 256MB ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT (Full Height,DVI/VGA output,Dual Display) (Kit) i sounds like is should be more than capable, im just not sure is it compatable with my pc or not. im a bit of a nOOb when i comes to this kinda thing so any help or advice is much apreciated ;-)
The 2400XT won't be enough, put it simple it's to slow and would likely struggle to run rF2/GTR2 on lowest settings when they come out. I cant see what link you have posted, but can you give me an exact estimate budget of what you can spend. We also have to take into account your Dell system, I will look into it as some of the Dell machines don't fit very big GPU's in them.
Thanks for ur help, i noticed with the 5750 it needs a Minimum Power Supply Requirement: 450 Watt w/ one 6-pin power connector. how can i find out if i have this?
It will be a Dell PSU (Seasonic ) And they usually are good. You could run the card on a 350w PSU actually, but it depends on what the amp ratings are on the v12 rail(S).

If you can open up your case while the system is off and see if you can see any information on the PSU (Looking for W and Amps)
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