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GTR2 Question about creating custom Championships

I know the basics of creating a custom championship gdb. What I'm having difficulty with is having certain cars only appearing at particular tracks during the season. I know there was a tutorial about it authored by Totenkopf at NoGripRacing, but that was about 10 years ago and, alas, NoGrip is no longer around. Also about 3 computers ago and some files got lost. I know that the AI Vehicle Filter line has to be edited in both the track's and championship's gdb's, and the Class line has to be edited in the .car file. Just not sure of how those entries should appear in the respective gdb and car files. That is, do I enter the name of the tracks' gdb as you would when creating the Scene Order, or just any form of the tracks name (SEBR = Sebring for example)? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I actually did try using the Championship Manager but unless I'm missing something it won't do what I am seeking. Yes, you can remove classes of cars or, I believe, individual cars for a certain race season, but it won't allow you to have one particular car race in only certain races in one season. I have seen numerous posts about how to do this using the ai vehicle filter, but even though I followed the instructions on how to do this, it doesn't seem to work. It does seem to work in the Race Weekend mode but not in the Championship Season mode.
Stuff like this can be done by looking how Simbin did it for the 2003/2004 championships. Look at the track files to figure out the filter, check car files for classes used etc. Remember that in the championship file you have to specify the number of cars per race or the game will randomly add cars from the championship to fill the grid. But again, the devs have done it like this. It will definately work.
Ok, let me try to explain as briefly as I can; I'm trying to recreate the 2012 WEC season as realistic as possible. The first race of that season was at Sebring with a grid of 63 cars. The Sebring track I am using allows for that many cars to be run so it's all good. But for the rest of that season (other than Le Mans and Spa) there were only like 28 cars in the field, so I changed the max vehicle figure at those tracks to 28. Unfortunately, when I started the season at Sebring, it too only allowed 28 cars. I posted a question about that here at Race Department and it was explained to me that the game will only allow as many cars on any track as the lowest max vehicles from any tracks' gdb shows. I changed the max vehicle figure to 63 in all of the tracks and my Sebring grid was full again. Unfortunately, when I got to the second race it did exactly as you said and randomly filled the grid with cars that did not appear in that race, even though I had correctly entered the vehicle filter for each track and Classes line in the car files. Also, I actually did take a look at the Simbin 2003 Championship gdb, and while most of the tracks show a max vehicle of 28 to 35, the max at Spa was 53, so now I'm confused. Since the game would obviously allow 53 cars at Spa while limiting the other tracks to 28 to 35, why is my Championship not working properly? The only real difference I could see between my gdb and Simbins was the race at Spa in the event order was shown as "Special Event = ENDURANCE". Must I enter that line in the event order for Sebring and Le Mans for my championship to work properly?
HOPEFULLY I may have finally figured it out. I will see after I finish Sebring. Thank you, Peter, and to all that helped me find a solution, for your advice. It encouraged me to keep trying to work it out.