Question About AI pathing

Swole Rouge

Original poster
Sep 4, 2018
Hey all, hope you're having an awesome day. I'm trying to fix the ai on an old mod track I have installed. I recently watched a couple tutorial videos about setting the ai up, and it helped a little. I redrew the boundaries, and the new path I set is going alright. My main issue is that in two corners where the entry is high speed, the ai go flying in and usually end up spinning out or crashing into each other. This is only really on the first lap, after the chaff has been sorted, they seem to do better. I heard about writing "ai hints" I was wondering if anyone knows how I can do that?

As an aside. The mod track doesn't have the pit set up properly and there is no speed limit, or ghosting of cars, it hasn't really been an issue yet, but I'd like to fix it if possible. Is there a way I can fix that easily?