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Quest 2 VR day 2 on Low GPU

(Warning Long Post)

This is not a guide but a journal/diary from a newbie trying to figure out whether it is possible to enjoy AC with Oculus Quest 2 but with only a decent PC but not a very game focus GPU.

Dell OptiPlex 990 DT, i7, 16 Gb RAM, 512 GB SSD (+ 1T HDD), Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030, 32” LG Monitor
Thrustmaster T-500 + T-LCM. HSS shifter
Oculus Quest 2

Does it work?
The headset connects to the PC with air link or Oculus link. My lowly GeForce GT 1030 is not listed on the compatibility list and is not remotely close to those on the list. I take it that the Oculus's official answer is “NO, don’t even think about it”. But I had come across some sort of post claiming they got it working. So I want to find out whether if it works, or works good enough to be enjoyable or more enjoyable than on the 32" monitor.
Well, the good news is that I managed to get on twice so far with a lot of struggle and frustration but managed to go around Nordschleife with a Caterham 420R for one full lap. So I would say it is definitely possible.

Some discoveries:
  • Exit driving or replay using ESC key on keyboard. (I supposed you can use menu button on controller to exit or jump back out of Virtual Desktop.)
  • The Yellow dot is the mouse pointer, in VR, in pit. Look around to find it. Very frustrating initially because the controller does not operate the game menu and I was stuck looking around in a beautiful Ferrari 458 GT2.
  • Virtual Desktop sometimes ended up behind me. Again find it. There is a row of icon above the “screen”. 2nd from left is the reset. Click and hold and drag it with the controller to the position in front of you.
  • All the replays previously saved are now in VR.. What a trip!?

What's next? (and issues)
  • Still fumbling around to get started. Find a straight forward procedure to start.
  • Screen flickering in the headset
  • ? Often when I got into the car I would be facing the rear of the car??
Other useful resources: VR Software Wiki
Still on the Fence, whether to keep the Quest 2 or not.

Reading forum posts and watching YouTube videos on improving frame rate helped a bit as I do solo lapping. Having more cars, like in Track Day mode, made the experience unacceptable, slow frame rate/stuttering.

But the thing that prevents me from enjoying the VR experience fully is the picture quality. I feel like I do longer able to see the track clearly enough. As I head toward the Cork Screw in Laguna Seca with a bit of sun in the back, I no longer able to tell where the track is, and the brake marker is a blur. I could not line up the car to setup the entry.

Good search word on the net is "Quest 2 assetto corsa blurry". Still going through them. If I can see the track well enough, I will keep the Quest 2.

Anyone care to share your method to improve the VR experience with Quest 2/Assetto corsa. (Other than better GPU is one solution.)
Combine this with the shimmers in AC and I feel your pain as the whole VR implementation is not good. As Kunos is not updating AC anymore, think the only sollution would be waiting for the next gen super high resolution VR headset and an RTX5090$$.