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  1. David Stefanini

    David Stefanini

    Did You know if there is a way to change the in-game qualifying system (with trucks together in track and 20 laps available) with a real formula truck system (one truck at time in track and just one timed lap) ???
  2. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
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    if you look in your user name plr file under race conditions you will see this

    [ Race Conditions ]
    Run Practice1="1"
    Run Practice2="0"
    Run Practice3="0"
    Run Practice4="0"
    QUICK Num Qual Sessions="1" // range: 0-1
    MULTI Num Qual Sessions="1"
    Run Warmup="0"
    QUICK Num Race Sessions="1" // range: 1-4
    MULTI Num Race Sessions="1"
    Race Timer="3600" // Seconds between displaying time remaining in race other than 1/5/10/30 minutes (zero disables)
    Recon Pit Open="300" // Time that pits remain open for recon laps (real-life is 900 seconds)
    Recon Pit Closed="150" // Time that pits are closed before formation lap (real-life is 900 seconds)
    Recon Timer="1" // Whether timer is displayed in message box
    Double File Override="-1" // Whether restarts can be converted to double file (-1=use RFM default, 0=no, 1+=minimum laps left to restart double-file)
    Lucky Dog Override="-1" // Where lucky dog is applied (-1=use RFM default, 0=nowhere, 1=ovals, 2=road courses, 3=everywhere)
    QUICK Reconnaissance="0" // Reconnaissance laps
    MULTI Reconnaissance="0"
    QUICK Grid Walkthrough="1" // Cinematic walkthrough of vehicles before race
    MULTI Grid Walkthrough="0"
    QUICK Formation Lap="4" // 0=standing start, 1=formation lap & standing start, 2=lap behind safety car & rolling start, 3=use track default, 4=fast rolling start
    MULTI Formation Lap="0"
    Force Formation="0" // if Formation Lap is Use Track Default, add the following to force: 1=standing start formations on, 2=standing formations off, 4=rolling start formations on, 8=rolling formations off
    QUICK Unsportsmanlike Sensitivitity="1.50000" // 0.1 - 10.0: Higher number = less sensitive checking for unsportsmanlike driving
    MULTI Unsportsmanlike Sensitivitity="0.48824"
    QUICK Safety Car Collidable="1" // Whether safety car is collidable
    MULTI Safety Car Collidable="1"
    QUICK Safety Car Thresh="1.00000" // Threshold for bringing out safety car (lower numbers -> more full-course yellows), please note that there are now RFM multipliers for this value
    MULTI Safety Car Thresh="1.00000"
    Adjust Frozen Order="1.00000" // Moves vehicles down the frozen track order under the safety car if they are causing the yellow and being passed. 0.0=off, 0.1-0.9=apply liberally, 1.0+=apply conservatively
    QUICK Flag Rules="2" // Level of rule enforcement, 0=none, 1=penalties only, 2=penalties & full-course yellows
    MULTI Flag Rules="1"
    QUICK BlueFlags="7" // 0=none, 1=show but never penalize, 2=show and penalize if following within 0.3 seconds, 3=0.5s, 4=0.7s, 5=0.9s, 6=1.1s, 7=use RFM value "BlueFlags=<0-6>" (default is 3)
    MULTI BlueFlags="7"
    QUICK Weather="0" // Random/season/sunny/etc.
    MULTI Weather="0"
    QUICK TimeScaledWeather="1" // Whether weather time is scaled with session length
    MULTI TimeScaledWeather="1"
    Practice1StartingTime="-1" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight
    QualifyingStartingTime="-1" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight
    WarmupStartingTime="-1" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight
    QUICK RaceStartingTime="-1" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight to start race
    MULTI RaceStartingTime="-1"
    QUICK RaceTimeScale="-1" // -1 = use race distance percentage, 0 - 60 = multiply time by given factor
    MULTI RaceTimeScale="-1"
    QUICK PrivateQualifying="2" // 0=all cars qualify visibly on track together, 1=only one car is visible at a time, 2=use default from RFM, season, or track entry PrivateQualifying=<0 or 1>
    MULTI PrivateQualifying="2"
    QUICK ParcFerme="3" // 0=off, 1=no setup changes allowed between qual and race except for 'Free Settings'), 2=same unless rain, 3=use RFM default 'ParcFerme=<0-2>'
    MULTI ParcFerme="3"

    This may be what your looking for in red..
    back up your original one first before altering it and if things go wrong you can always replace the original :)

    Iv'e not adjusted this myself so let us know what you find if you have a play may be helpfull info for other drivers:thumbsup:
  3. David Stefanini

    David Stefanini

    No...it doesn't change the default System...

    ...it's Always the "all together 20 laps" system

    ...it could be 3 laps system and one truck at time...like F1 in 2005 season...