PVP Multiplayer Rallycross Livery (skin) problem


Original poster
Apr 9, 2018
Hi all, I am hoping someone can help or confirm an issue I am having with the liveries / skins in PVP Multiplayer Rallycross.

We play via LAN in a closed session using Steam to invite the other player(s) and even if we choose a different livery for our cars only we can see our own selected livery when driving while the other drivers see the default first car livery. For example when racing the classic minis in Rallycross PVP custom championship and I select the orange car I can see the orange bonnet while driving but the other player(s) see the default red first car livery. Similarly when they select a different livery they see their colour but I just see the default red first car livery.

Now I have a found a temporary fix for this by copying some custom livery files to the red mini's folder and making all the red mini's folders have the new custom livery files on each computer but then we are still all racing in the same livery albeit not red! I could copy different livery files into each computers red mini's folder for each computer but then the only way to change what liveries the other driver's see is by copying and replacing files all the time which is a pita.

So to reiterate when we change liveries the in car the computer user can see is correct but the car the other computers see is just the default red livery.

Can anyone please help with this or is this just a bug in the PVP multiplayer Rallycross?