Purchased the RACE On bundle, is GTR Evolution worth getting this late?

Oct 29, 2009
Hi guys,

I recently purchased the race on bundle and am wondering if its still worth investing into EVO? I love playing online and some times I cannot join certain servers and that is because I am missing certain tracks that could be from EVO? Do lot of people play evo or is it mainly race on? I am wondering if I should download from steam if there is any reason not to please give some advise.

Thank you.

Ross McGregor

Dec 18, 2008
just buy a boxed version from amazon or any other decent online retailer, it should only be around £5 these days, which is an absolute bargain!

Dave Flower

Nov 21, 2008
I agree with Ross - well worth having, if you don't download from Steam but get the retail boxed version online - but always ensure your buying NEW because if second hand its probably been activated on Steam and you will NOT be able to use it on your Steam account.
Oct 29, 2009
Thanks guys for your advise thus far. I usually use touring cars especially Accord and Seat, however, if buying EVO the only extras that come with it are the GT cars and Nordschleife? Is there anything else I would be missing? So far I am loving Race on and for me buying the bundle from steam made sense. Now whether I buy from steam or a retail shop. price for me is the same which is $20.00 Canadian. The only reason why I created this thread was to find out if its worth the $20.00 for me to have few addons? Unless there are other addons with EVO that I may not know, so far it seems that it has GT cars and one additional track? I will wait for few more suggestions before I buy EVO today from steam. I am more of online racing with others and I just want to make sure that EVO is not dead online.

Thank you once again.
Feb 17, 2008
Evo contains the:
- Extreme WTCC cars :Seat, Chevy, Alfa, BMW (WTCC cars with a V8 and a massive aero packet)
- 3 classes GT cars (GT Pro, GT Sport, GT Club)
- 3 Nürburgring versions GP layout(F1), Turist layout(Nordschleife only) and the VLM Layout( Nordschleife + the national part of the GP track)

Ross Balfour

#99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
Feb 25, 2008
You can buy it for £0.89 on Amazon last time I checked, if thats not a bargain I dont know what is!

Matt Hunt

Nov 14, 2008
For what you can pick it up for now buddy it's a steal, better bang for buck over raceon for sure. grab yourself a copy :)


Sep 27, 2009
The GT cars and WTCC Extremes are a really nice change of pace from the touring cars, well worth a few euros purchase.
More important, Nordschleife is great. The GTR Evo version is very good, and it's just so much fun to get to know the track and challenge yourself to lapping there faster and faster.
Sep 22, 2009
IDK. I got talked into getting EVO by a friend who really talked up Nordschleife. But we hardly ever run it - in anything! Also, my GPU is only 256 meg and has stuttering problems on such a huge track (funny that I don't have any problems with Machwerk, tho . . . ). I actually enjoy the converted track Sachsenring67 more.

Also, not being a "tin-top" fan, I really don't care for the GT series of cars. I thought I'd like the Audi R8, but I hardly use it.

Here's an idea: Simbin ought to divide up the RACE xx series into a WTCC game, a GT series game (I guess GTR2 is that, so why bother with GTR EVO?), and an "exotics" game, which would have the Formula Masters, GP2s and Radicals. Different cars, but the same tracks and you could mix and match if you had all three. Or they could have different tracks that the real cars run on, but if you had the WTCC cars, you could run them on the GP2 tracks if you had the Exotics game and vice-versa.


Jun 22, 2008
btw. if you can't join because you are missing something beside the above, could still be, than you are missing one of the free mods :).

In that case you need to know which track for example is used, install it and then you can join. Same is true for free car mods (e.g. the Escorts).

Piotrek Blaszczak

May 21, 2008
Guys one question maybe two :D
i have a race 07 (BOX ) nad GTR Evo ( buy from steam ) and witch version it's be the best for me ( it the Gtr Evo works ?? ) Race On BOX or downloading using steam??
THX for answer

Omer Said

Oct 28, 2008
Hello folks. I also have a question. I bought Race On Bundle ( AT LAST!!!) via Steam. Now on my games list there are Race 07, Race On and STCC. I started to download Race 07. And which one i should download and install next ? Sorry i'm so new to this Steam Thing :) .

Dennis Phelan

Apr 8, 2009
If you plan on driving online, more tracks and more cars mean more opportunities to enter races.

More, more, more!
More of that!

Mike Narger

Go for it. It's dirt cheap now and you get some great tracks and cars. Omer I don't think it matters which one.

Aaron Smart

I just got the Race On bundle on Steam - if I buy the retail box of GTR Evo can this be integrated with the Steam game I already have or will it only work as a completely separate install?

Rob Casey

Jan 8, 2010
Hey all, I just bought Race On and GT-R Evo both retail from Amazon for about $34 US total. Don't know if that was a good deal but Race on was 20 and Evo was 14 I am sure I will get my entertainment value of of it. Installed On then Evo both offline versions and now Evo has taken over the On icon with none of the On content. I guess I should have installed the steam versions. Is that correct?