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Publishing an ebook online. How to do it in a friendly way?

Alen Pecanin

Hello sim racers!

Funny story here, and yall might giggle a little bit.
I purchased the RTX 3080 card 2 minutes after release, and sold my GPU 2 weeks after the release in hopes of getting my new gpu soon.
It got delayed several times, we're now on the 6th time and my new estimated delivery will be sometime in January. So I've been without a GPU and not being able to play for 2 months soon to be.

This has led to too much time on my hands, and I've started to write a book of all things! The writing is going well and I'm maybe 30% into the book now.

I was wondering if someone here has experience with publishing ebooks online? Is there a way to publish it where its hidden behind an ad-link/ad wall to unlock download of the book, where I get 0,0001 euro per ad/download?
I want to publish the book online, without making people create an amazon account, or any account to download my book from amazon kindle store for example.
I also want to keep track of times downloaded, and ad-wall would be best solution I suppose? Does anyone have any tips?
Also, will extreme drawings of gore or anything make a book prone for being banned? Or is this okay? I mean, there are crazy books out there not banned..

Thanks in advance!