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Afternoon guys, First post on RD. Not sure if you are accommodating for console users here. Have recently purchased a PS4 with the incentive being to play Project Cars. I've had experience with other race sims such as iracing, race 07, GTR2 & Race Pro on the 360.

I started my career on Project Cars a few days ago starting in the Clio Cup. Loving the visuals and feel of the cars. However really struggling to complete races. I'm running the AI on 100%, using no assists. To compare my pace to that set by the lead AI car in quali spec at round 2 Snetterton 200. I grabbed pole with a 1.19.423 with second place on a 1.19.976.

For the race I was aware of the area of the circuit which played to my strengths, turn 1 inparticular. It seems the AI are constantly attempting moves which are just ridiculous with the distance they are behind, also my mind in blown by how late they can brake and still get the car stopped. I've played around with brake pressures/bias & brake ducts in an attempt to optimise my braking but still unable to brake as late without locking up. They just predictably dive up the inside when I feel I should be free to drive my line into the corner without the fear of being side swiped. Clearly my driving style of prioritising a clean fast exit gives me greater pace over a lap but my inability to brake as late is costing me.

I've tried covering the inside into the last Corner (which is tricky enough) but they still just continue up the inside on the grass over the curb where they end up costing us both 2-3 places. It reminds me a lot of my earlier console racing expirences when racing online being taken out by ametures who think it's a game of Destruction Derby!

The amount of restarts I'm having to make due to simply being taken out is frustrating me to a point where I'm struggling to enjoy the racing just waiting for the inevitable to happen.

I ran the first round at donnigton at 80% AI. Pole position was 3-4 seconds clear & the race dull due to no competition. Is there anyway to control this aggression to make the racing more enjoyable?
Currently, the AI level is tied to aggression (so you cannot lower the aggression without lowing the AI). It was mentioned on the official forums that eventually there will be the ability to tune the aggression without changing the overall AI skill level.


Nathan27 you certainly aren't the first person whose enjoyment of a potentially great game is being ruined by the AI. pCARS' insanely aggressive AI just aren't properly affected by the same things as a human driver. Not just brake distance, they're seemingly unconcerned by: your presence; track wetness; tyre temperature and wear; grass and kerbs; damage of any kind. They're even worse in various open wheel classes too. I get the impression on the pCARS forum that the devs (well, certainly Ian Bell) think pCARS AI is largely great as is and needs little further refinement, however many others just think the AI is just unfair rather than challenging. I've given up on career mode and in fact anything other than an occasional hotlap or even more occasional quick race because of the AI.


Completely Agree Tpw, I've invested some time now trying to enjoy racing against the AI in career mode but frankly my patience has worn thin & like yourself take part in the occasional free practice or online race. Shame as if it wasn't for the AI I'd enjoy the potential the Career has to offer. Seems like I'm only playing 1/3 of the game.
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