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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Marcus Lindblom, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Marcus Lindblom

    Marcus Lindblom

    Are there anyone in here playing without assists with a d-pad and have some tips on how to do it. Buying a wheel next week but will start without assists now and practice.
  2. Darren Bentley

    Darren Bentley

    AM I THE ONLY ONE NOT BOTHERING GETTING A WHEEL, even though that would give me a huge advantage
  3. Ryan Bakken

    Ryan Bakken

    I actually just started using manual shifting, all aids off except for med definitely takes some getting used. I just barrel out a bunch of laps in practice/TT mode until I got fairly used to it. It took me about 100 laps to get the general feel, and then another 10-15 at each different track to figure out braking points, gears, etc.

    I tried turning TC off....but its ungodly hard....its hard to keep the car in control sometimes on Med TC depending on the corner.

    Edit: So my advice, just grind out some practice laps with th settings you want to use
  4. Bobby Englehart

    Bobby Englehart

    im on the ps3 controller no assist. i bought those five dollar trigger attachments at gamestop. love em. but under heavy braking theyd fall of so i super glued em. just be delicate your inputs. are you having trouble with braking or accelerating? most turns i stomp the brakes then ease off at the end and down shift to slow me down. other require like half brakes and the right touch to hold it. for acceleration just lightly squeeze the trigger. you can short shift to control wheel spin. i dont think manual is that hard. one finger on the brake one the gas, one thumb on the steering and one on the gears. maybe im weird but ive always done it like this pulling the right stick back is shift up and pushing it forward is shift down.
  5. Mark Ryan

    Mark Ryan

    I tried with no assists either on the pad before i got my wheel. I could manage ok but with TC off i found it impossible and frustrating to the point where i had to put it back to medium at least. I want to race and have fun not pull my hair out.

    Id say if you are getting a wheel next week, then just play as you were all along with the pad until your wheel arrives, Then start off without assists with that, because its only gona be frustrating for sure. Hope you have some good racing with your new wheel,,, the game came alive for me when i started with a wheel
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