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Prototype C Porsche CK5 Preview - Awesome Sounds!


Kyle Evers

Following the preview video of Le Mans 1991-1996, Virtua_LM has just released another stunning preview video, showing their much anticipated Prototype C mod in action. The video takes us around Mid Ohio in a Kremer Porsche CK5 prototype, letting us hear some very impressive sounds. The video is available in Youtube HD so make sure to active the HD mode watch in full-screen to catch all the glory!
Combining both Prototypes and GT’s from three different classes, Prototype C for rFactor centers around the 1983 edition of the Le Mans 24 Hour race. The mod includes legendary race cars like the Porsche 956, the Lancia LC2, the BMW M1 and countless other cars that are still considered to be among the most beautiful and spectacular sports cars of all time.
Source: virtualr.net

I just found that and I can say nothing but good thing about it so far. Awesome sounds, some of the best I've heard in rFactor. It just sounds crazy, makes it that much mroe immersive. In the beginning he takes it kind of slow but then he opens it up and then you will see what I mean :)


this is why i spent 40 bucks on rFactor when I've already bought the farm with iRacing...

very, very cool! The sounds are sweet too.

AWESOME CAR -- Can't wait to drive it : )