Prototype - 360 version

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008
I got this on Friday, as I really enjoyed Crackdown, and hoped that this would be similar in concept.

Well it is - it's made by the same people (radical) and for the first couple of levels I thought "uh-oh it's the same game in a new frock", but after a while, the two styles diverged, and differences began to delineate themselves. Crackdown was very much a "increase shooting skills and pick people off from a distance", Prototype is a "get in close and nasty and stick things through people" experience.

Where Crackdown was almost platformer to get onto the rooftops, Prototype is a mad, free running, mutant glider thing. It's easier to get up high, but it's also more dangerous, because they send helicopters after you. There were no real mobile threats from above in Crackdown.

I managed to mash up my knee quite badly at my son's fete over the weekend, and so I had the luxury of a feet-up, cup of tea and xbox controller-centric Father's Day, and I played it pretty much solidly.

I am massively enjoying it - especially as it shares the superb targetting system that Crackdown had, which alleviated the issues I generally have with shooters in the xbox world, in that they don't give the fine control of a mouse and keyboard setup.