No permission to download
for the 3D model, this is a guesswork with some data from Funyo website
for the engine data and reactions, I watched a lot of videos
but for next update, I hope to have more data from pilot and manufacturer too



something went wrong with this texture

overall doing some Ambient Occlusion texture baking of the model would make heaps a difference for the cars appearance. You should really look it up!

Driving physics are interesting, it feels softer than what I would a car like this expect to drive, but its really planted at the same time.

Sound is fine :)
I'm grateful for any new scratchmade mod that comes to the sim but I have to say this mod is quite rough and I have to criticise some things to give you some feedback so you can improve on this mod in the future. I know it's not easy but there are several obvious things that need improving. First of all Content Manager shows that the model has about 142k tris, >200 objects which should be more than enough, way more than the F138 from Kunos for example... but the model doesn't look like it at all. Lots of hand sculpted areas with no clean-up. The wheels seem to be two different objects in the same place rotated for different spokes instead of one wheel. The aero on the side looks very crude, so does the front splitter. The exhaust is modelled but almost completely covered. There are also areas like the lights where you can see into the model. And the materials need sorting out, like all your mods everything is way too reflective. There's barely any detail or textures, same for AO and the body shadows. You've put out five cars in the recent months with issues like that, why not focus on one and learn the techniques, then work on another? Please don't take this as affront, I'm just a bit shocked about the... quality of this mod and would like to give some feedback. Really hoping you can improve upon this foundation because Y.O Concept/Funyo seems like a very interesting choice to bring to the sim. I'm sure you can do it, just please take yourself some more time with the 3D model before putting it out. If you need help we have a nice modding forum here on RD and on the official support forums where you can ask.

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