Prost 2000 Helmets

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Gaara CewoFan

Original poster
Mar 23, 2019
Gaara CewoFan submitted a new resource:

Prost 2000 Helmets - My first F1 2019 mod at Racedepartment.

Credit to @Alexanderssen for making the Prost 2000 drivers helmets for F1 2013 2000 mod.

NOTE: I converted it into F1 2019 Helmets (DDS files only). You can use it as a generic helmet or a Original driver like George Russell, Robert Kubica etc.

NOTE 2: I did not made the helmet wing.

NOTE 3: Use the sponsors if you want to make a career helmet.

Pics: View attachment 312697 View attachment 312698 View attachment 312699 View attachment 312700
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