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Project torque revival | Building Community

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by kazurengan, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. kazurengan



    The community of Project Torque needs help reviving the game and player base. Many members have been working hard
    the past six months to revive Project Torque and bring it back to its former glory. we are trying to bring in new and
    existing members of the game to help support the project' We are looking for any support that we can get to spread the
    word. Right now the community is sitting just over one-hundred mernbers. we need at least one thousand members.
    New players or past players, all are welcome to hop in and join,
    The community is looking to start a crowdfunding campaign shorty to help with the cost of getting the game to a
    working state again, and also with legal fees. Any support is welcomed.
    If you would like to drop in and help out join our Discord server. If you have any questions we have more updated
    information on the status of the project there.​
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