Project Sim Racer - Back to the Basic

Project Sim Racer is an ongoing segment at The Simpit, where we follow a new sim racer in their quest to become one of the sport's best.

Sim racing is a form of motorsport that requires many of the same skills as real life race car driving. In the world of motorsports it can take years of learning to become one of racing's best. In sim racing we can accelerate that learning curve but it still takes dedication, focus and a little bit of genetic talent.

Shaun Cole of The Simpit works with our new rookie driver, Andreas Martin Mørch, as they go through the steps from rookie to hopefully a pro level driver.

In this episode it is back to the basics as they begin this series with an introduction to Andreas and some important things to take care before even heading out on track. From there they move on to some of the first things you should be working on when one first starts off sim racing. This will set the tone for what is to come in future episodes.

***There were some audio issues in the filming of this video that we apologize for. We are working on improving these issues and have done as best as we can to fix what we have here.***

iRacing forum post on wheel settings (must be a member)

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Watched the vid yesterday, whether or not you guys actually reach the goal (of getting Andreas into alien territory) I think it's going to be a great series of shows for us to watch and learn things from. I know I took a few pointers from this video alone and will go about using some of your techniques to try improve my driving. Keep that SimPit oiled and crank out content, I'm loving every bit of it!
(Oh, and great to see you've found our community here and decided to participate, hope to see many posts from you :)).