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Project Sideways

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by smr597, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. smr597


    It's a sim sorta like game that i am currently programming. I have been working with it for a quite some time (5 years or so).
    But lately im getting some progress done...

    Well, I am aiming a GTA IV like car physics witch are modable, and as the title(witch may change) say's Sideways, I am obviously aiming at drifting also.
    But first i want to get the solid game base to work correctly (physics, sounds, graphics) oh yeah and it's going to be a free game.
    Why GTA IV like? Because it seems to be fun... and fun is what i am aiming at.

    Currently there are some issues witch take the word "sim" out of the game, because the car doesnt act completely like in real life, you cant do burnouts donuts etc. and im not quite sure why this is so, because i have a working driveline code and a working tire physics section (pacejka, precombining, traction circle) ...just cant lose traction like in real life.

    Projects current web/blog:

    Sooooo, the features currently are:

    • newton physics engine
    • pacejka tire model with precombining from racer or vdrift and a traction circle
    • driveline, gearbox, differential, engine, some sort of a clutch system
    • suspension
    • live enveironment mapping with specular masks
    • realtime soft stencilshadows
    • particle effects (currently smoke only)
    • trails, for skidmarks (currently a bad method is used, so slowdowns are caused if there is alot of trails)

    and a small pic...

    Also i am a wery bad modeler, so i use other artists media as for testing.
    It would be nice, if someone is willing to donate a garage model for me.
    As i need a garage model for the menu's car selection screen, because my modeled garage is just to simple, basically a box with a garage door...
    So maybe someone can point me where i could request such a thing?
    Because i want that the release version to look good, soo players can enjoy the gameplay :) and i will credit the media authors 100% !

    As for the tracks, i will try to model a track, for the next release, that has the needed features to test cars physical behavior, currently i am using a great track from racer, called Forest Club, but i am not sure if i get the permision to use this track in my game, because it seems that the author is unreachable...

    And i'll point this out also, Racer inspired me, so thanks to Rud this project exists!

    Ask anything you like, I do my best to anwser, any feedback is good.

    As for other programmers who have skills in programming car physics
    please PM me if you are intrested of helping me. I need help with my driveline & clutch section because i think this is why i cant do burnouts etc.

    So the introduction is done, my request's are requested it's a program/game/sim that i am programming, so i hope the thread is in it's right place.
    And I hope i am not against the forum rules in any way...

    AND excuse me for my bad english... :)
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