Project Cars vs Assetto Corsa.


Feb 13, 2015
Yeah I think so.. But not bad, also Shift was a good game for it's time..
Dec 23, 2012
Modded Shift 1 was a cool game. To be honest I bought my first wheel for it (unbreakeable DFGT). It was serious fun, but I remember that soon after I also installed GTR2... and then driving in Shift started to feel like boat sailing simulator.... but it was still great fun thanks to brilliant selection of the cars (especially with mods), tracks and very nice graphics.
Very nice package.

Still for me AC is definitive driving/racing simulator. Thanks to so brilliant mixture of feel behaviour feel/ffb/physics, it outclasses everything else.
Obviously we can say it would be better with pCARS graphics, singleplayer or with R3E sounds... but graphics is very solid, as sounds are. Not exceptional, but very good.


Aug 4, 2014
Why Assetto Corsa is a simulator and Pcars is not?

With AC you need to have a wheel and pedals, otherwise you will never enjoy AC in its fullness.
Sure, it is playable with a gamepad but feels like some kind of a aberration and is completely unplayable with keyboard. If you dont dont have a nice set with wheel and pedals better to forget AC.

With Pcars you dont dont need a wheel or pedals, it is perfectly playable with a gamepad (has to be because is also intended for consoles) and it is perfectly playable with keyboard. You dont need a set with wheel and pedals to enjoy Pcars.

Simple as that.

Radu Oros

Jul 25, 2014
How convenient.. ac gamepad support is aberration, and pcars is heaven. Are you a WMD backer?

The gamepad driving in Assetto is good, you can use it as an alternative to a ffb wheel. The default settings are good, you might need to lower speed sensitivity to 70 or 80%, or lower if you want. Also use cockpit camera, because there you can see the full range of the steering wheel. But as speed sensitivity is on, the higher the speed, less rotation the steering wheel has, to allow a more precise steering at higher speed without unsettling the car.