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PS4 Project CARS Thrustmaster T100 settings

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by rocafella1978, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. rocafella1978


    hi all, since i am not very good with this stuff, wanted to ask if someone has the default settings
    for the below, on T100 wheel in pCARS. apart from default values, does someone have new VALUE since PATCH 2.0
    for the below, which work nicely or smoothly with JACK SPADE 66% settings?

    Steering Deadzone -
    Steering Sensitivity -
    Throttle Deadzone -
    Throttle Sensitivity -
    Brake Deadzone -
    Brake Sensitivity -
    Clutch Deadzone -
    Clutch Sensitivity -
    Speed Sensitivity -
    Controller Filter Sensitivity -
    Damper Saturation -
    Force Feedback -
    RPM/ Gear Display - YES
    Controller Input Mode - which MODE to use? 3?
    Advanved (Off)
    Soft Steering Dampening (locked)
    Visual Wheel Filtering (locked)
    Opposite Lock Help (locked)
    Tire Force -
    Per Wheel Movement -
    Per Wheel Movement Squared -
    Wheel Position Smoothing -
    Deadzone Removal Range -
    Deadzone Removal Falloff -
    Linkage Scale -
    Linkage Stiffness -
    Linkage Dampening -
    Relative Adjust Gain -
    Relative Adjust Bleed -
    Relative Adjust Clamp -
    Scoop Knee -
    Scoop Reduction -
    Soft Clipping (Half Input) -
    Soft Clipping (Full Output) -

    thank you all for your help and efforts.
  2. Sixfootnineuk


    I haven't really dicked about too much with the wheel settings my friend....but really depends on what you race....with me I race high end from GT3 upwards and have 30 sensitivity with 6 steering deadzone and that's it.....I like to be able to throw a car in without too much steering but keep the centering precise for precision out of corners...works for keeping the DRS open in some corners on tracks and has served me well online too