PC Project Cars FFB Better than Proceat Cars 2?

Michel Bélisle


Dan Dimaggio of Sim Racing Source fame makes that argument:

I started doing Sim Racing about a year ago. At the time, I read the good and bad reviews of PCars2. I bought it, played it, did the Jack Spades FFB tuning thing. Still, I ended up removing that title from my PC.

Following Dan's suggestion, I grabbed Project Cars 1 off Steam yesterday. Then, for my first few practice laps, I picked my all-time favorite car, BMW M3 E30, on a well known track to Me, Nürburgring Sprint, I did not tweak the FFB in any way. So, I used the baseline FFB setting and I was blown away on how good the FFB is on Project Cars 1.

The wheel feels heavy. I feel the weight shifting in the car when steering, braking or accelerating. In terms of feel, I think that is not far from rFactor2.

I recently upgraded my graphics card to a Geforce GTX 1660 Ti. So, I cranked all the eye candy to the maximum and the game is spectacular, responsive and immensely enjoyable. Also, contrarily to PCars2 each car has a distinct personality in terms of handling and response.

Therefore, I do not understand what Slightly Mad Studios did with Project Cars 2.
In project cars the issue was always car setup. It is the same problem that we see in PC2 with cars being very variable but amplified where default setups regularly tried to kill you. On top of that the amount of potential settings for force feedback per car meant that you could get the FFB to do whatever you wanted on a per car basis. I think PC has the potential for some of the best FFB out there but it took a lot of time to get to and required experience of setting up cars and FFB to really work. There is a reason the game had massive guides about how to make it all work.


PC1 did have vague physics the last time I drove it more then two years ago. I reinstalled it yesterday after someone bringing up the Yellow Bird that didn't make it to PC2 and was pleasantly surprised with physics and clearlity of vr. Plus how smooth it runs, even with a full grid.
There must have been an update? Because I agree with OP 100%.
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