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Project CARS 3 Wish List

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
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Jun 5, 2009
New game, plenty of expectations and no doubt more than a little chatter from the game developers too..

With PCARS 3 now confirmed as in development, drop a note below as to what you would like to see included in this upcoming new title.


Jun 28, 2017
I'd be happy if the car's cornering physics would change!(The car would turn from the front wheel, not from the middle.)
In addition: Full FIA GT 2004 season (or 2003/2005)
and Retro Car Racing Series (similar to GT Legends)
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Kurupt CDN

DirtT Tuned Motorsports
Jul 18, 2012
Everything Rally!
They did a very good job on the rally and loose surface physics, few tweaks and proper implementation of race features and I would have said it was excellent.
Hopefully they won't waste this feature going forward.
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Dec 13, 2010
Yeeh! I begin: Maserati Bora,Merak,Biturbo, Lambo Miura, Cizeta Moroder, Triumph Tr7/Tr8, Fiat 124 Spider, X1/9, Lancia Beta Monte Carlo, Gamma Coupe, Alfa Romeo Giulietta (1976), De Lorian, Lotus Elite 2, Eclad, Esprit, Citroen DS21, Peugeot 504, Renault 17, Skoda 130RS, Melkus RS 1000, SAAB 900 Turbo.
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Oct 5, 2010
I would very much like to have the possibility to have different steering wheel profiles and assign them to a vehicle class. When selecting the vehicle, the correct setup would automatically be selected. (For example shift paddle or gear stick). In my eyes an absolutely useful feature.
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Nov 28, 2012
Let's make it lighter. Race cars only. Sebring, Road Atlanta, Sepang, and China. Mid-Ohio, its already available. Gather all of the LMP1s and Hybrids. Bring back Peugeot. Your real weather expiring was a crime. Fix it. Other games are still struggling to come up with something similar. You might also consider light modding. Look at the foothold that AC got with a game made in 2013-2014. I have never touched the "Rally" side of the game. I drove the Ferrari GTO for 45 minutes. You should consider the eprix cars as well as modern champ. Lastly, you had managed to omit glaringly SuperGT. Lastly, the car does not behave the same in Practice and Qualy as it does in Race. I have to turn down aggressiveness in race as I am always trying to struggle with a different car during the race.
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Jan 18, 2013
first of all definately more car content. standart edition of forza motosport 7 has almost 400 cars. second, back to the basics of first pcars physics a little bit. I don't expect rich custumaztion like forza but at least offical licensed rims can be good for every car models of every single brand.
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Jul 11, 2017
I have quite a few desires for Project cars 3 born out of a love of PC2 as one of the best implementations of VR racing games so far. I would love to see the overall experience across a whole range of things improve, in no particular order:
  • FFB- would be nice to get some front end feel out of the system. Everyone is trying to improve the FFB with custom setups but fundamentally the default should be better and it needs to give better turn in feel and as well as brake lockup. It does rear loss well so I don't want to loose that but front end feel is kind of poor compared to Assetto Corsa as is the lack of brake lockup feeling.
  • Multiplayer - PC2 did pickup games really well, but what it does poorly is organised preplanned games and leagues. Having a schedule of upcoming races on official servers etc with multiple tiers and all that jazz that iRacing does ought to be possible, ought to be hostable by the community without as much external faff. The entire sense of some sort of online career would really help the game along. SR and pace were a good start but it needs to go deeper.
  • Car and track content - It is nice to have lots of cars and tracks, gives us plenty to do. Unfortunately in PC2 this content varies in quality a lot. Some of the tracks are too smooth as they aren't laser scanned and a lot of the cars have bad default setups and poor FFB. While I want more content I also want the content that is there to be more consistent quality.
  • Clutch - The current modelling around how clutches work in a lot of scenarios is garbage, needs reworking. Have had too many dumb issues around auto clutch and these issues need to go.
  • Race rules - We need a lot more race rules to hang the game on, flags, safety cars and all that jazz as well as driver swaps/teams and all the real world considerations need to be in the game. At the moment you can't simulate all that much. Little things like consistent pit lane speeds despite tracks having different ones are little things that aren't right currently but that also need to be addressed.
  • AI - The AI is always going to need more work and some iterations here on dynamic nature would be nice as well as some better aviodance behaviour. They have improved over the life of PC2 however but they aren't class leading yet.
  • Career mode - It is a decent start but I want more. Having a sense of story and press and all that jazz from the F1 series might be nice, eat Codemasters lunch but with a real simulation model.
  • Simulation - The physics model didn't receive the highest of praise with quite a few still considering it simcade. I am by no means an expert on this one but the cars tend to understeer and then just grip and the curbs are like they are made of teflon and there are probably numerous other limitations on the simulation that could do with work to bring it to the top.
  • Tutorial/Aids - ACC has a new safety system based on consistency and how close you were to the limit of grip and pace. I can see real potential in the ability for drivers to see where they are going wrong. The limits of telemetry are that until you can read it and have something to compare to you don't learn too much from it, but what ACC is doing with its limit checking is giving you that moment by moment information about where time is being lost. I think this concept combined with telemetry has some real potential to help drviers improve their laptimes and consistency.
  • Performance - Nvidia has multiple screen rendering in a single pass with differing viewpoints that is useful for those with triple screens and those in VR as it boths improves performance and reduces overrendering. Would be nice to see this implemented like it is in iRacing. More consistency in performance between various weather conditions would be good too, it is not nice in VR being fine right up until the weather gets rubbish and the FPS then stops making the threshold and you end up at 45fps.
  • Controls - Support for long and double button presses would allow us to get more functions onto our wheel. In VR button boxes don't really work very well so getting functions onto the existing buttons that we can easily muscle memory find would be very helpful.
There is probably more in me but that is a good start of a list!

Miguel Batista

Jun 2, 2011
I recently restarted playing pcars 2 with a custom ffb file that basically made the game feel amazing. I dare say, better even than AC. I never understood the criticism about the physics tbh. After spending some time with the game I would say that they are on par with Assetto Corsa and better in some respects. Sure some cars like the F1 in PCars 2 are not good. I mean that F1 has to be one of the worst attempts at an F1 car ever. No joke. But the underlying tyre and suspension model is really good. I mean, I can feel the car load up and lose grip and when it loses grip it gives me more time than Assetto Corsa to correct it. As for understeer in cars, I must say that i can remove understeer from the setup. So I think their physics are fine tbh. But of course this is imho and ymmv.

For PCars 3, I would like more consistency between cars and tracks, maybe use some of the user made FFB as a base and take it from there, graphics are good enough for me honestly so not too fussed about it, correct the way traction control and ABS can be changed on the fly and make the car's LCD panels active. I mean, if i am driving an LMP 1 or 2 and set traction control, it doesn't help immersion that I can't use the car's displays as it gives me a "7" whicj means nothing. And I can only set it to low or high which also means nothing.

Hybrid system rework

Drivibg school so that we can learn how to drive in single player. Something akin to grand turismo where you have to learn how to take sone lines and how to go around a track in order to gain a license in order to progress in your career.

That is pretty much it for now.

Miguel Batista

Jun 2, 2011
Which ffb are you using? Is that improvement pretty consistent across cars?
it is version 3.1 of someones. Not the pro one. haven't tried that one yet.

It makes cars feel better out of the box but be prepared to fiddle. I can tell you this much, outside from the races organized here, cAssetto Corsa has been gathering dust in my library. PC2 just does things better. Cars seem to have more weight to them and I feel the wheel loading a lot better through the wheel. More gradual. Also, you have a lot more race to do there. These files made project cars feel like an improved version of AC basically. For me anyways. You still need to setup that understeer away (though it is not as bad as PC1) and some cars are meh. Curerently I am slogging through my career mode with the Formula C which is mediocre. But the Formula Renault, the LMP2s and other cars are just amazing. Honewstly, if you like open wheels take the Formula Renault or the Indy car for a spin. Unbelievable, If you prefer tintops, take the LMP2. If you prefer non aero, the GTE Vette. Just to give you a feel for it.

Miguel Batista

Jun 2, 2011
The go cart had pretty good FFB :)
Yes it did. Completely forgot about those. But give the new FFB a try and see what you think.

Using this one atm. Really enjoying it. Makes the car feel more connected. It is a heavily modified Jack Spade file with bits and pieces from other people but the end result is really good steering feels nice and heavy and you get a really good sense of weight transfer.

Used previous version of this one. It was good but I felt that it was lacking on road feel and steering weight. You felt really well what the car was doing though.


Oct 24, 2016
My whishlist :
- realistic :
more realistic in all point : physics, tyres, controls, visual, environnement
- Endurance : all options as in real life : driver swap, real lightning, long time replay (24hours to see or more) etc...
- gamepad control :
today, we have some bad sensation and effect (first, like if car is not sticky in ground - not real grip. two, car is not heavy). if i play with wheel (fanatec test), car is heavy, grip is good (with good FFB settings).
Why not with Gamepad ? And sadly ACC have these points - sensations are good, grip, heavy car.
So SMS will must look to ACC control feeling to update gamepad sensation and do better as Kunos.
- Gamepad vibration :
In xboxOne controller, Add vibration in two sticks (brake and accelerate) and in body (left, right).
With this addon, we have feeling in each wheel (loss of grip, bumpers, etc).
- IA : A realistic IA is necessary. Better AI strategy during races
- lights : lights in car in night drive, flasking lights, left and right flash.
- Interface : make more fun or serious
- Textures : today, we have only SD texture (1024x1024) with poor resolution and aliasing, and from introduction video we have HD texture. So, textures in game are not good. i want an option to choose HD textures (2048x2048 or 4096x4096) or a really good resolution and no aliasing.
- Livery Studio : yes, i want it to add or personnalise cars like NFS or others.
- tracks : more tracks with real championship in it : paul ricard, hungaro
- cars : maybe the best liked series : hypercar series in WEC, TDM, WTCC...etc...
- Season pass, free car : like the best game in console, more and more season and free car.
- better penalty system
- safety cars
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Deleted member 855537

Make it look better in VR. It don't look so good on my HP Reverb set, alot of strange AA artifacts. Raceroom looks very good and also AC and RF2. And only race cars please and racing school would be great.


Jun 3, 2017
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera 2008. And the shifting sounds when going full throttle in high rpms should be a bit more realistis and faster than in Project Cars 2, in all cars.